Digital Marketing using AI

Hey Readers. Every now and then, people talk about the use of automation in diverse processes of business, technology, developments and day-to-day activities. With elevation of disruptive patterns in technology, the term “Artificial Intelligence” is the new gold.

Artificial Intelligence is the power of computing systems to mimic human behaviour and is the intelligence depicted by machines. It is also called machine intelligence due to its nature. The future of smart devices and related equipment’s is forced by the basics and usage of artificial intelligence.  AI makes it possible for various machines to learn from experience, adjust to new inputs and perform human-like tasks.

Thanks to advances and detailed algorithms, AI systems are increasingly gaining attention and becoming more and more mature.  Systems are becoming more efficient at a much faster rate than ever before. With adaptations and advancement, the application field of AI has been expanding, helping to make big strides in research and development areas around the world.

Previously, marketers were hesitant to add artificial intelligence to their marketing strategies and found it a challenging task. But with time and looking at the fact that AI will elevate the business growth and with many successful brands have adopted it and use it, other marketers are also planning and making use of AI to design marketing strategies.

For example, e-commerce websites are using consumer data and AI to show only relevant products to shoppers, based on previous searches, scrolls, purchases and views. This can increase the likelihood that a shopper makes an initial purchase or becomes a repeat customer, with the personalized experience being highly sought after.

AI in Digital Marketing

  • Email campaigns: Usually, analytics tools like A/B testing takes a lot of time, sometimes even weeks and hence AI help to reduce this gap. AI is used in email-campaigns to predict and analyse consumer behaviour according to their past behaviours, purchases and other details after which mails are send accordingly. This is more of a personalized way and is most effective.
  • AI Digital Advertising: Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and many more analyse users’ information, including gender, age, interests, demographics, and other aspects to show them the most relevant advertisements, improving the performance of digital ads.
  • Marketing campaigns: Using advances AI features, Marketers design banners, newsletters and other marketing campaigns to cater the demands of customers. The data is collected from various online sources using the concept of big data and artificial intelligence and then campaigns are designed accordingly.
  • Experiential Marketing using AR/VR: When AI is combined with Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) technologies, it creates magic. It gives an opportunity to customers to interact and learn about a brand, allowing them to form a connection. The amalgamation of AI with AR/VR not only refreshes the user’s consumption experience but also builds a strong brand identity that can help create a greater sense of loyalty from a brand’s customer base.

Digital marketing can become more effective when it is combined with the usage of Artificial Intelligence. It definitely helps to fuel the business growth of an organization right from its inception to analysing most effective campaigns.