If you look around yourself, don’t you ever feel that everybody is stuck in their own chaos? It is like, everybody has a huge heap of problems which they are busy solving all the time. Yet somehow we are being preached to have everything “sorted out”. What career to choose or which place to settle or what kind of company you want to work with or how clear you should be to make others understand how you feel? Oh, that took a leap! Saying about being “clear” of how you feel, is itself is a myth. Sharing or listening is a whole different thing. But don’t you ever feel that you yourself are unable to understand what is going on in your head? There is this turmoil in your head which doesn’t have an explanation. You don’t know why you feel that particular way, yet you feel it. And this, when it comes to sharing you are incapable of expressing it. Sometimes just for the sake of sharing your make up things in order to justify that commotion in your head, which is wrong!!!!

Sometimes this feeling can last a while. Recently I had been there. I knew nothing about why I was feeling the way I was feeling. It lasted half a month. And it was so strange to explain why I was feeling that way. Whenever I used to explain it, it felt like a constant nagging. It was like, during these hard times you have food, shelter, clothing, electricity what else do you need to be happy? Does it really work that way?

I simply want to let you all know sometimes it is okay to be in chaos. It is okay for your mind to be in turmoil, to be in such a phase where nothing seems to make you happy. You don’t need to be “sorted ” always, be it your mind or life. Give things time. Let your mind recover at its own pace. Eventually, you will return to being back as you were but stronger.

And that day, you will know how important it is to give yourself a break, your mind a break from being okay all the time.