Is technology a good servant or bad master?

We all know about technology and how it has changed our perspective toward world by just a click.What do you think is technology is your servant or a master?
Technology exist for the purpose making our life simpler but it is other way around. It consumes our lot of time and we end up scrolling our feeds for longer time.Many people misreads people overthink situations and inevitably lead to a communication gap. Well there are some or many good things about it you are more self reliable and more aware about things If you are addicted than it would cause more harm than anything else. According to survey’s people who are addicted to social media have anxiety, depression, fomo self-esteem.Worry not I am not here to draw your attention toward only negative sides. Here are some tips if you think you have experienced these things1.Take a timeout of social media.There is no wifi in forest but I promise you will find better connection.2.Keep app out of sight so they remain out of mindHere are some psychological changes when social media is our masterWe don’t know when to put away the device.We bully others as a way to work through our own issues and lack of wellbeingWe are bulliedWe can’t put down the game controller to come to the dinner tableWe use the screen to anonymously hurt and harassWe constantly look for loopholes in someone’s status update to get ourselves heardWe wait desperately to count every ‘like’ on our latest Instagram photoWe measure our self worth by the accumulation of likes, comments and sharesWe become intimidated by the online gamer who viciously attacks our strategyWe forget to enjoy the moment or smell the rose, too busy checking emails or newsfeedsWe become depressed at witnessing the happy holiday updates of others or the achievements of those in our feedsWe disrespect othersWe disrespect ourselves

When technology is our servant however……We find joy in seeing what our friends are sharing and relish in their achievementsWe have our sense of social injustice ignited by the plight of those less fortunateWe are able to use connections and content to help make a differenceWe create where we may not have beforeWe are shy and introvert, yet we find a place to be heardWe make a movie or compose a songWe are comforted by the sense of community and support from an online group or forumWe find empathy from others for a shared experienceWe relish in the stress release as we battle out a computer gameWe develop skills of analysis & spatial functioning and thinking outside the box as we create whole cities with minimum resources and fast approaching enemiesWe view live footage from a part of the world we only dream of visitingWe can work from home Many web series have given us good example by showcasing do’s and don’t of technology for e.g in Black mirror and You. How your information can be backfired to you without your knowledge.