When you have equal opportunity competition remains healthy but when some people are privileged and some are not it creates greed, jealousy, anger and many emotions among people. Inequation of society create inequality thus exploitation occur and misuse of power occur. To many people world doesn’t seem to be fair. Some people thing they are privileged to power and make other people suffer.

It act as barrier to the affected person it affects them thus show the injustice of humanity of the world and they have to live by the bubble.

Often people say rich gets richer and poor gets poorer it is because we do not spend our money in education. Right to education is a primary factor everybody should be educated and be able think about himself without being influenced the position of the person to get expoliated or able to protect from fishy scams.

Areas of social inequality include access to voting rights, freedom of speech and assembly, the extent of property rights and access to education, health care, quality housing, traveling, transportation, vacationing and other social goods and services.

Apart from that it can also be seen in the quality of family and neighbourhood life, occupation, job satisfaction, and access to credit.

If these economic divisions harden, they can lead to social inequality.The reasons for social inequality can vary, but are often broad and far reaching.

Social inequality can emerge through a society’s understanding of appropriate gender roles, or through the prevalence of social stereotyping.

Social inequality can also be established through discriminatory legislation.

Social inequalities exist between ethnic or religious groups, classes and countries making the concept of social inequality a global phenomenon.

Social inequality is different from economic inequality, though the two are linked.

Social inequality refers to disparities in the distribution of economic assets and income as well as between the overall quality and luxury of each person’s existence within a society, while economic inequality is caused by the unequal accumulation of wealth; social inequality exists because the lack of wealth in certain areas prohibits these people from obtaining the same housing, health care, etc. as the wealthy, in societies where access to these social goods depends on wealth.

Social inequality is linked to racial inequality, gender inequality, and wealth inequality.

The way people behave socially, through racist or sexist practices and other forms of discrimination, tends to trickle down and affect the opportunities and wealth individuals can generate for themselves.

What can a common man can do to prevent inequality?
One can point the finger out at the person when he sees injustice. Small differences create impact. Spread a word and make aware people about things

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