Lockdown Productivity

It feels like an eternity that we are undergoing through this pandemic. While lockdown and social distancing is important, it has bought a major toll on people’s mental health. We are all locked in our houses for more than three months now. We have to physically isolate ourselves from friends, school, college and so on.

Lockdown can be a difficult time , and for most it is. No one is used to isolation. However, dealing with this time productively is of utmost importance. If we set schedule and organise our time properly, we can make the most of this lockdown.
Due to this lockdown we are stuck in our houses. We have two options open to us, whether to crib about this lockdown while scrolling through social media or to use this time to learn something new and to revisit the old hobbies.

If latter is your choice, then here are some ways we can make the most of this lockdown and be the better versions of ourselves.

Things to do during this lockdown

• Set goals: The first step of being productive is setting goals. Not only term goals, but focus on one day at a time. Productivity is a process. Though we have free time, but that doesn’t mean we have to keep working all 24 hours. Productivity is the goal, over exhausting isn’t. Depending on your goal, set to do list for the day.
• Learning something new: Learning something new is always good, not only we learn a new skill, but we also become more confident. You can learn a new language or a new skill. You can get enrolled in some online training course like digital marketing, graphic designing, language and so on.
• Schedule me time: Due to our daily hustle of fast moving life we do not get enough opportunity to spend some time with ourselves. This lockdown can help us to be more close to our true selves. It has given us ample amount of time to introspect ourselves, our wants, our needs. Thus having ‘me time’ during this lockdown is a must.
• Developing new hobbies and revisiting old ones: Dance, sing, draw, write, do whatever you enjoy. Explore your creative talent this lockdown. Nothing can be more fulfilling then doing what you truly enjoy. Use this lockdown to connect this those lost hobbies.
• Invest on yourself: Reading a good book, exercising, meditating, eating healthy are some ways we can invest on ourselves. Attaining physical and psychological well-being should be our aim in this lockdown.
• Clean your room: Doing this will not only make your room look organised, but you will also make your mother happy. Cleaning your room has other perks like you might find your lost childhood album or dairies and so much more.

Toxic Productivity

One of the most important thing to keep in mind while striving for productivity during this lockdown is not to over exhaust ourselves. It is worth remembering that we are dealing with a pandemic, being productive 24×7 is not possible. Setting unrealistic goals will just disappoint you and nothing more. Toxic productivity does little for quality of work and life.
Toxic productivity is our unhealthy obsession with productivity. A toxic productive person thinks their work are never ending and never enough. It is the obsession with work where quantity matter more than quality.

Signs of toxic productivity are as follows:
• You are so overloaded with work that it impacts your personal relationships
• Having unrealistic expectations from work
• Being restless and never satisfied with work

Deal with toxic productivity

Dealing with toxic productivity is very important for us, to be a satisfied and secured individuals. Some important key to deal with toxic productivity are as follows:
• Set realistic goals
• Take breaks
• Meditate
• Connect with family and friends
• Get some accountability


Thus, our goal in this lockdown is to use this time efficiently. To be productive but not over exhaust ourselves. Focusing on daily productivity and not comparing your progress with that of others. Everyone is having a tough time and everyone is dealing with it differently. Having unproductive days are nothing bad, rather taking break is necessary. Lastly work of being ‘ Better versions of yourselves’.