Finding my pace

Have you ever looked around yourself and wondered how everyone seems to be way ahead of you? You all have been trying to reach the same goal but you seem to be lagging behind or everyone has picked up speed whereas you seemed to have slowed down. I used to feel the same and still experience the same when I see others.

I have always felt as if there was a rush to accomplish something. I understand that you can’t always wait around for good things to happen to you and you need to be quick enough to achieve your goals, but sometimes this notion feels so foreign to me. This maybe because I was the one who always felt left behind.

In this highly competitive world, everything has become a race and not being able to keep up with your peers can be a huge disadvantage. I used to view it in a negative light as well and blamed myself for being incompetent. It used to lower my self-esteem and filled me with self-doubt. I often felt as if I wasn’t trying hard enough even though I was doing the best I could at the moment. But I have grown to realize that it is alright for me to take my own time to achieve my goals. Everything isn’t for everyone. I don’t need to indulge myself in activities just because everyone else is doing it. Getting out of my comfort zone is important but I don’t have to force myself to be a part of something that I may not be ready to do as of now. Again, it doesn’t mean pushing my fears and never dealing with them, rather promising myself to deal with them at my own pace than to meet someone else’s demands. If I won’t be doing it to better myself and only to fulfill someone’s expectations, then I won’t be able to learn anything at all. I will constantly remain paranoid about not being good enough.

There was a haste to be productive all the time that I couldn’t even enjoy my free time without feeling guilt of not doing enough. Now, learning at your own pace shouldn’t mean that you miss the deadlines given to you by your company or that you aimlessly end up procrastinating but the deadline that you set for your personal targets should not be so rigid that you find it unable to breathe. This can be very suffocating and you my even end up losing interest in your work. Afterall, it will be just another task to do. Moreover, it feels very sad to feel worn out of something that you used to love so much.

You need to recognize your individual pace of doing things. You should motivate yourself to be better but the pressure to be better faster is quite unnecessary. Every individual holds himself to the highest standards but these standards may seem unreasonable at times. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Continuously taunting yourself or criticizing won’t take you anywhere. I know feeling left behind is the worst but the realization that you are not behind anyone is must.

Look at the colossal heap of things that you want to learn or achieve and try to take them one at a time. Even I made an attempt to juggle many things at a time but ended up learning nothing. Some people are good at picking up multiple things at the same time and some may even master it but for others, why not take up things one by one so you learn better.

This has been deeply engraved in our minds that the faster we may achieve something, the more successful we are. This abstract clock needs to stop ticking because in the real world, you still have time. Learn at your own pace, follow your interest and grow better. Enjoy your journey.

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  1. In this competitive world ,everyone is part of the rat race and those who do not want to be part of the race are working really hard to quit it ,in the midst of everything they are unable to find themselves ,who they really are .Everything starts to become a problem when we start comparing us with others.We need to realize we are different and on ouw own throughout this journey!

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