Expectations vs Reality

Let’s face it, life does hit us hard a million times. We get hurt, cry, try to vent out our anger and then finally get back on track but do you realise that 99% of the times, the problem wasn’t that big as you had imagined it to be. I’m not saying you cried over something stupid but probably, the intensity of your reaction wouldn’t have been that strong if you didn’t have really high expectations. Yes, ‘expectations vs reality’ is the root cause to most of our problems and if we don’t imagine and expect a lot, the reality won’t hit us hard either.

Let me give you an example- you went to a new grocery store and as luck would have it that day, in the baked items section you found your favourite bread. Voila! Great day! Now you can have that delicious pasta with the bread you had been planning to eat for the past whole month. ‘Great store’ you say to yourself and decide that now on, this will be your go-to place for groceries.

Next time you go to the store, you neither find the bread you loved last time nor do you get the usual cheese Urgh! Frustrating isn’t it? The store let you down and now you hate it.

Well, things run out sometimes, doesn’t mean that the store is bad, right? Sometimes you find what you wanted and sometimes you don’t. You don’t have to hate it to be honest. Same is the case with life, if it doesn’t meet your expectations, don’t start hating it. It’s fine, relax. What you are expecting isn’t the reality and the reality can’t really ever be expected from before.

This may have sounded a bit complicated so let me simplify it for you. What I’m trying to say is basically, don’t keep any expectations from or in life. Take things as they come. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t plan ahead in life or you should not be ambitious. You just don’t have to over fantasize and imagine every single moment of your life because sometimes things may not go as you had planned and that can be very hurtful so the best thing to do is, do whatever is at hand and leave the rest to the universe. Try not being obsessive about planning everything. It leads to unnecessary exhaustion and anxiety. Relax, take each moment as it comes, utilise it to the fullest and enjoy!

During the lockdown as we keep scrolling through our social media profiles, seeing other’s pictures of doing yoga I don’t know for how many hours a day, looking all fit and eating healthy etc can make us nervous. ‘Why am I not doing anything? Why am I useless’ – these thoughts are likely to come to your mind if you compare yourself with others and expect that you are going to be exactly like others. It’s dumb. We alk have our own individual and unique journey in life. You are not always going to react to situations the way your friends do. You have a different life, you have had different experiences, you’ve met different people, you are your own unique and different individual, period.

Hence, as I had said earlier live your own life and don’t try to clone others. It won’t help.