How have sports been affected by COVID-19?

The sports industry has lost billions of dollars due to this global pandemic. Although some sports are beginning to start-up this doesn’t mean that the sports industry is going to be the same as is it was pre-COVID. Let me elaborate on what I just stated, the Premier League (which is the most competitive football league in England) has resumed their season but they aren’t allowed to have any fans in the stadium. This is a horrible concept for the fans because they want to watch their beloved club play in real life.

You might think that because the fans aren’t allowed to go to the stadium to watch the games in real life, the sports industry is going to become bankrupt soon, but you couldn’t be further away from the truth. In reality, the tickets are only a small fraction of the money that the Premier League receives, most of the money they earn comes from the sponsorships/ commercials and broadcasting.

Mark Tatum is the Deputy Commissioner and Chief operating officer of the NBA and this was his thought on the future of the NBA “…This pandemic may change the protocols we have to live by, but not our focus on expanding basketball around the world.” This quote shows that the sports industry is welcoming this pandemic instead of running from it by figuring out an alternative way to continue entertaining us during these difficult and dark times, where depression rates are higher than ever.

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The NBA is taking initiative by becoming one of the first major sports organization to resume their season despite having the huge hurdle of COVID-19 in the way. They will be resuming their season in early July and it will be held at Disney World, Orlando to prevent COVID-19 from getting to the NBA players.

This will prevent the virus from spreading because normally the NBA teams travel a lot from city to city due to their busy schedule but since all the teams will be at Disney World there won’t be any traveling so that minimizes the risk of getting infected.

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The only thing that will affect the sports industry is not being allowed to have fans in the stadium apart from that everything is pretty much going to stay the same. The athletes in whatever genre you enjoy watching are going to continue to perform and entertain you. The sports drought has been awful but the sports industry is finally coming back!

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