How to find out or develop a passion that gives a fulfilling life?

Parents have to guide their kids to find out the true passion to lead a fulfilling life. In this regard, they have to be super supportive in helping the teenager to find it out. This helps them to move in the right direction towards higher studies and or careers. Here are a few ways that parents can support them in recognizing or developing his own passion:
Start With the Right Perspective
Firstly, the teens should believe that a fulfilling work exists and it can be found out by identifying one’s passion.
Initially, Parents can initiate the process by giving teens time and space to think about the childhood activities he likes to do. Hobbies or objects he’s chosen for his room may spark ideas. The teenager can talk to the persons in their family who know him very well and make a list of the ingredients that truly mattered the most in his peak moments in his life. This will help them to rekindle his childhood passions and mine his talents.
It’s important for your teen to figure his passion out on his own. To become his own true, authentic self.
Talk about meaningful & fulfilling work
At this stage, the parents can have a conversation about how following a passion can create a meaningful, rewarding life. Your teen should know that he can do something that he loves and gets paid for it – an absolute win-win! By showing your teenager how you engage in those passions and how rewarding they are to you, he’ll learn that doing things that are meaningful is a worthwhile, fulfilling endeavor.
Work out what you hate doing
College is a great place to explore new subjects and potential interests – and they may change over time. And in fact, the students who enter college with an undeclared major gets the freedom to explore freely and follow interests as they arise.
The parents can let the teen rate each interest-say, from 1 to 10. Some may suggest careers — a useful list for the student to a specific course in the college or vocational school.
Ask him to list the jobs or tasks that you absolutely loathe. Once you have eliminated these options, his true passion may become more clear. Therefore, it can be cross-checked and a significant level of clarity will be got.

Combine the mediocre skills together into talents

Even if they don’t possess exceptional skills at any one thing, most people have lots of expertise that they are “okay” at.
If you fuse your mediocre skills together, you’ll find your passion.
For instance, an average artist, with a decent sense of humor, could be an awesome cartoonist.
The most successful people, the ones that are most passionate about their work, are almost never defined by a single skill. They are a combination of skills, often not even exceptional skills, but they’ve made their fusion exceptional.

Encourage your teen to try out lots of different activities
If any of your nearest and dearest have hobbies that interest you, ask to spend some time helping out, or give them a try.
Check out online courses, clubs, internships, activity centers, and part-time jobs to find out what might spark an interest. And then…participate! The more exposure your teenager has to different activities, the better understanding he’ll have. It’s all a great learning experience.
This exploration is a great way to find activities that might really drive her. Discuss unique talents and abilities with your teen.
Explore your artistic side. You may have a wonderful artistic side without even knowing it. To explore your artistic side, you can try painting, writing, acting, singing, or designing clothes, just to name a few things.
Play an instrument. Maybe you loved playing the piano or keyboard when you were a kid and stopped. Give it another try.
• Write. Try your hand at penning a poem, short story, or even a fiction or non-fiction novel.
• Act. If you just have fun staging a play with a few friends or try to join a media-related course.
• Sing. If you’ve always had a passion for singing but never had time to share on your social media networking websites or channels. Then, it is the right time to get their feedback and to take up further training to excel in that. The same applies to draw, painting, etc using online tools available.
Pick up a new hobby: Whether you want to pick up a new language or a new sport or craft, any new hobby you pursue can turn into a real passion for you. Here are some hobbies you can consider:
• Learn a new language. You can pick up a language just for fun. Convert this to a passion by working as a translator or getting so absorbed in the foreign language that you read and watch movies only in that language or even move to a foreign country because of it.
• Cooking. If you already love cooking, start watching more cooking shows, reading food blogs, and sharing your recipes with your friends and see if you can make your love for tasty cuisine into a full-time passion.
• Birdwatching or pet grooming: Maybe you’ve always loved pets — now is your time to turn your hobby into a full – time passion. Or maybe you just want to spend more time connecting with your own pet by writing blogs, uploading videos, etc. That’s great too!
Do as Much Research as Possible
Know as much about your passion as possible. Notice what you love. Notice what makes you feel like a kid. Notice what you long to have more time for.
Make time for these things, to whatever extent you can and watch. Your life starts to change. It’s really magical. This can really transform your life.
Conclusion :
The child’s passion may develop early in his life or later. But the role of the parents is the same. They need to be supportive and have to bear in mind that ultimately the child, on his own, should find his passion for his career and fulfilling life.