We Live in Deeds, Not in Years

The proverb ‘we live in deed, not in years ‘,means that longevity of one’s life is not measured in the number of years one lives, rather it is measured by good deeds done by one throughout his life. Human life is a gift of God and comes with an expiry date. Death is ultimate external truth. The only difference is that some men live a long life and some die young .A short life can made glorious by virtuous deeds. It is much better than a long life which is of no use to others. A noble life backed by the virtues makes an individual life is not about mere existence in this world. Age should not be the criterion of life. Instead one should leave a mark on others lives with his good deeds. Bhagat singh was hanged to death at a young age. However, even today he is remember as a true patriot who sacrificed his life for the nation, swami Vivekananda, mickel Jackson, etc are some famous people who have lived a short but worthy life. All this great men are remember for their noble deeds and great achievement in their respective fields .Their have been an inspiration to many.

All the living being on this earth are the creation of God . The purpose our life should be to do good to others and help them. If throughout our life we are unable to do any good to others, then life is worthless. A selfish person may live long but after his death, nobody remembers him. If at all someone remembers him, it is for his selfish attitude and vices. Good deeds, moral values, and virtues should be the cornerstone of our lives.

It is true that life and death are not in one’s hands and are guided by the will of ‘Almighty ‘.But making our life valuable and worth remembering is definitely in one’s hands. One must set short and long term noble and work in order to achieve them. Nobel deeds are not only about giving a lot of money to charity.

One should always remember that good deeds only live after us. Everyone should try to do something useful for the society so that we may remembered even after we have left this world for ever.

It has much more dimension to it. Small deeds such as being kind and polite to others ,helping the needy and blind person, teaching the poor children, etc are some of the noble deeds that one can do throughout his life span. The human life is about selfless action, gestures and deeds. We all need to strive in order to make the best use of the precious gift of life. Always remember, one crowded hour of a glorious life is worth than age without a name or a good deed.