There have been strong motive to reduce the amount of meat in our daily dite.So that Jackfruits the perfect replacement of meat.So that every year on July 4th it is Observed as “Jackfruit Day”. On this day people will also celebrate as “Independence from Meat Day”.This Jackfruit day was created by the “”.The main aim of this is to raise awareness of this incredible fruit and how it serve to break our dependence on environmental damaging meat products. The Scientific name of this Jackfruit is “Artocarpus Hetrophyllus” and it belongs to the family called “Moraceae”. Its native place of South and Southeast parts of Asia and it grows upto 3 feet in length and weight up to 35 kilograms in total.All over the global there are over 100 different types of Jackfruits are available. Jackfruit is Bangladesh National fruit and Kerala’s State Fruit. In North India this fruit is known as “Kathal”.

Jackfruit is the best example of nothing is same from both outside and inside , It may look Ugly from Outside, but it is Sweet from inside

The growing stage of Jackfruit provides different Therapeutic uses and in additional to the sweet taste and smell every part like bark,flowers, leaves, roots,pulps and seeds of the tree is used for Medical Benefits. 140 grams of Jackfruit provides 133 Calories. It has 10% Magnesium, 7% Omega-3, 13% Potassium, 5% Vitamin A, 21%Vitamin C, 12%Vitamin B1, 6%Fiber, 3% Calcium, 4% Iron, 35% Vitamin BC, and it is rich in Antioxidants. It helps in regulating the Cancer,Fever,Diarrhea and it helps in mainly in control of Blood Pressure. The seeds of this Jackfruit tree taken as Medicine and it is taken by mouth for Diabetes. Its paste is applied to the skin for Poisonous Bites. Wood of the Jackfruit tree is used to make Musical instruments. Jackfruit is boiled and used in curries as a staple food ,The Young boiled Jackfruit is used in Salads or in spicy Curries and for filling for Chops and Cuttlets. Make sure that you prepare atleast one dish with this Jackfruit on this “Jackfruit Day” and share with your beloved ones. Once again happy “JACKFRUIT DAY”.