Toxic Productivity

All of us at some point or the other have experienced exhaustion. We all at some point have set unrealistic and unachievable goals, and have been highly disappointed when they are not fulfilled. But the question to address is, Is that productivity actually productive ?

One of the most important thing to keep in mind while striving for productivity is not to over exhaust ourselves. It is worth remembering that we are human and not machines. Even machine wear and tear with time, and we are humans make up of flesh and blood, we are bound to experience exhaustion after a point.

Being productive 24×7 is not possible. Setting unrealistic goals will just disappoint you and nothing more. Toxic productivity does little for quality of work and life.

What is Toxic Productivity?

Toxic productivity is our unhealthy obsession with productivity. A toxic productive person thinks their work are never ending and never enough. It is the obsession with work where quantity matter more than quality.

Toxic productive person usually feel guilty for enjoying free time. They are mostly unsatisfied with their work. But more than focusing on constantly improving their work, they focus on the amount of work done.

Signs of toxic productivity

Toxic productivity is a serious issue. Below are some of the major signs of productivity turning toxic.

• Impacting personal life: Toxic productive person is so overloaded with work that it impacts your personal relationships. They usually are left with no time to maintain real human relationships. They therefore end up being lonely after a point of time.

• Unrealistic expectations: Toxic productive individuals end up having unrealistic expectations from their work. They set unattainable goals and become extremely disappointed when it is not achieved.

• Never satisfied: The individual experiencing toxic productivity are mostly restless and never satisfied with work. They want to achieve it all, but in no time. They think their work is never upto the mark and strive for unattainable perfection.

Deal with toxic productivity

Dealing with toxic productivity is very important for us, to be a satisfied and secured individuals. Some important key to deal with toxic productivity are as follows:

• Set realistic goals: The first step of being productive is setting goals. Not only long term goals, but focus on one day at a time. Productivity is a process. We don’t have to keep working all 24 hours. Productivity is the goal, over exhausting isn’t. Depending on your goal, set to do list for the day.

• Take breaks: Taking break is very important to increase your productivity. If we keep working without any breaks, then our brain becomes monotonous and we usually experience lack of ideas, thus our work quality ends up deteriorating.

• Meditate: Meditation calms your mind. It increases your focus. A calm and focus mind is much more productive.

• Connect with family and friends: If you have a good support network, your productivity will most definitely increase. Connecting to family and friends is very important to get out of the vicious cycle of toxic productivity. They help keeping you in proper sense and not lose your cool.