Feedback system in schools

Feedback is the response or the reaction to the work or performance of the workers but it can not only be limited to employees. Feedback plays a significant role in school systems as well . Students, if provided with teachers who can guide them well can help them navigate their own lives but students aren’t the only ones who are in need of it. The teachers as well as the management should also be receptive of the feedback so that a collective approach can be established.

Appropriate feedback systems when employed in school provide a provision to measure the efficacy of the current educational system and methodology of teaching. It would also help to highlight the nature of the school leadership and whether it is being reciprocated by the students in a positive manner. An amicable working environment can also be judged with the help of feedback systems that are designed to test that; it also provides an opportunity to address the issues of sexual harassment which require continuous vigilance.

  • This should be made out into a cohort study with the help of psychologists and trained personnel to create a nurturing environment for the kids.
  • Also, a sensitization of various social issues is especially important at the school level and a prospective approach should be taken to analyse the effectiveness of these feedback forms. It should be monitored whether these feedback systems are in anyway helping students to self-reflect and improve upon themselves.
  • Teachers should also be trained and sensitized to become competent to help students. A teacher’s ability to teach should not only be assessed on the basis of their knowledge but also on their overall personality. Some people have a lot of knowledge but may not be equipped enough in social skills and find it hard to deal with children. It would be better if such people are trained or there are some training programs for teachers as well which helps them to take their students feedback in an impersonal manner.

A feedback system designed to address all the issues that a student, teacher and the workers face, would also help to bring trust and faith in the working of the educational institutions. Such systems help to develop and build community trust that would allow individuals to openly discuss the issues that they might face with their self-image. Students should be able to trust their elders so that they can seek their help. A healthy working environment would also help the teachers and other workers to enjoy their work and be satisfied with it.

This would also improve their productivity. Therefore, any new measure/system undertaken by the educational institute should also be subjected to feedback from both teachers and students as they are the ones directly affected by it.

This is necessary to create an environment that would help both the teachers and students to grow.

Hence, the positive implications of the feedback system are innumerable. However, these need to be properly studied and designed to be able to properly capture the intricacies of human nature and behavior.