Are We Physically Strong???

In this day to day Scenario Deficiency in significant leads to Deterioration of Organs it leads to conventional method of Education a lot of health problems occurs.There is a huge gap Occur between the Physical Education due to Conceptual Theoretical mode of daily practice. Multimedia Technology Education and Physical Education both are unique and both are different from each other .Physical Education aim to develop the coming Generations Physical Competence, Knowledge and Safty and it also develop Skills,Creativity and Critical Thinking. This helps the people Positive Values and Positive Attitude, Physical Education is basically deals with the Nutrition .

“Physical Fitness is not onlyone of the most important keys to healthy body,but it is the basis of dynamic and creative Intellectual Activity”

The Research from The Youth Sport Trust shows that 38% of secondary schools have cut the Physical Education period from the timetable. The main reason for this is to increase the pressure and produce the Exam results. Over 30% under the age of 6 year children are classed as “Over weight”. Traditional Education helps to learn Physical Education, Values,Manners,Skills and Social Practices to the next generations where in the modern education teaches about the skills required for knowledge but not for health purpose that is skills of Science and Technology.

As I conclude that now a days all are becoming over weight due to the fact that they do not participate in physical activities.Everyone should Enjoy Physical Activity and if done the right way you will be able to experience the benefits for years to come.