The boat of “Hallyu”

The extensive Korean culture counting films, dramas, and Music present universally portrays the influence of it. This large wave is introduced as Hallyu. Adding to the economic value, this wave also has a weighty impression on the Korean GDP. As the Korean culture has fired up and breaks through the Western, Asian, and African boundaries, it was followed by a whim of craze, which was never experienced and existed. The term Hallyu was originated in the year 1990. Since then many researchers have also teamed up to find the reason lying underneath this intense obsession flooded globally. After observing you will also discover, the mass media (television and internet) befitting the only tool in making this culture omnipresent. There is an outbreak of obsession with Korean fashion, food, language, song, and etc.

Those glitzy videos and puzzling libretti have also appealed millions of Indians.

I start my day listening to the BTS song “Boy in Luv’’, surfing internet in search of interesting stories about them, and updating my fan page with new photos on Instagram. In fact, my closed ones are also aware of my playlist is filled with all the BTS songs.

“I am not the only one, who is obsessed”. Like me, you could find many Indians following the Koreans.

Recently ended Korean drama “The king-eternal Monarch” of Lee Min Ho gained the huge Indian followers on social sites and went viral. The “Boat of Hallyu” is nowadays mooring in India. This new cultural revolution of the present era in no doubt is acquiring berth everywhere. Think about any BTS videos or tweets getting viral in an hour, it displays the acceptance. Regardless of being concise and a different tongue, each drama is efficacious in forming an emotive relationship with the viewers through subtitles. Fans progressively get hooked that they started craving for everyday Korean dose.

Well, everyone has their own reason but simply put K-dramas or music are worth watching for. What do you think?