Appreciating my life

I found myself growing irritated and discontented with my life recently. It felt as if i was not doing enough and my life was just passing by. I was living in this bubble that something amazing would happen one day, take a miraculous turn on my life and make everything better. How wrong I was!

During this quarantine period, I realized that I had previously attached all my happiness to materialistic stuff and now I couldn’t have them anymore and that made me sad. I forgot about the happiness of the littlest moments of my life or the memories I created with my friends. I couldn’t look beyond the things I was stuck with and cherish what life had to offer for me. But spending time in quarantine period made me realize that I can be happy with minimalism as well.

Appreciating life means being grateful for the things life has offered to us and how we get to cherish them depends on us. The bad things will keep on happening and we will have to learn to deal with them in our own ways but it doesn’t mean that we spend our entire energy on obsessing over them. Telling a person to remain happy in his or her hard times seems shallow because we can not understand what someone is going through . That is why try to seek for satisfaction. Don’t attach high importance and your feelings to something that you know is not going to last forever.

Firstly, we need to give up on the cynicism. Thinking the worst of every situation is not going to help anyone. As someone once said, expect the best and prepare for the worst. Since you can’t prevent bad things from happening, try to change your reaction or outlook to it. GRATEFULNESS can be achieved if one wants to be grateful towards his life. You can try keeping a grateful journal where you note down the things that you are grateful for whenever you think as if everything feels way too overwhelming. Spend time with your family and friends or the people who make you feel good about yourself so that you realize that there are people who are always going to want the best for you. Ask people out on walks whenever you feel that the weather is nice or curl up with a book and a cup of tea in your study room when you feel like it. Don’t restrict yourself from making mistakes. Failures are very normal. You win some, you lose some. Right?