Social media detox

The quarantine period has made everyone glued to their screens. Since going out is not an option, people have attached themselves with social media to keep up with what’s happening around the world. Social media can be informative as long as its use is limited, otherwise it can be overwhelming at times. Being overloaded with so much information and at the same time, having no idea of what is actually true can make people anxious. In this case, social media can do more damage than good. The amount of mental health and energy we spend on social media can be put to some other use. In this case, social media detox can do a great job.

Social media detox doesn’t mean that one needs to delete all their accounts and go incognito for the rest of their lives, rather it means that using the platform selectively for a set period of time. Many people may even resort to deleting all their social media apps from the mobile phones or disabling their accounts for few days. If someone feels that social media is affecting them negatively and has consumed their minds, then it’s best to take some time off. Social media mostly presents us a picture of fabricated lives. It is easy to get influenced by the people and want the same things for yourself. This also builds an immense dissatisfaction in life and we end up comparing ourselves to those captured photos. Spending time away from social media can declutter your mind. It will give you space to invest your time and energy somewhere else, even though it may not be productive. Being attentive of one’s mental health should be paramount, the rest of the things can come next. There is nothing weak in caring for your own self and needs to be done more.

The applications are designed in a way that people become obsessed and start using them compulsively. We always wait around for new notifications and comments because this makes us excited. This is what the creators want the people to do. If you even detach yourself from the platform for a few days, you start having this “feeling of missing out” (FOMO). You start feeling as if you will be out of the loop. In this case, depend on your friends to feed you with important news. Staying in touch with people is healthy but social media doesn’t have to serve as the platform every time.

You can start with limiting your time on the platform if you are finding it hard. Also, decide what you will be doing with the free time on your hands so that you do remain preoccupied but with something better than social media. Try out a social media detox if you are feeling overwhelmed to deal with things and get a grip on your digital experiences.