The electronic media greatly affects the reading habits of children

“There are many little ways to enlarge your child’s world. Love of books is the best of all “. Also , another proverb says , “There is no better friend than a book”. These proverbs insists on the significance of book reading habit. Book reading habit widens the reader’s knowledge and of course, his world. At times of boredom , books can be our best friends .Ample reading enhances your imagination power. The detailing of “the character” or “the place” in your novel helps you to picture the whole scenario. This develops your creativity. It can also help you to develop your own innovative style, and hence your writing skills. It helps you to build your personality. This point demonstrates the phrase ‘you become what you read’ perfectly. A good book can make you a better person. It can enhance your emotional well-being, social involvement and imparts knowledge.
We all know that reading books opens the door to a vivid imagination, expanded vocabulary and the ability to succeed academically. Reading a good book is the perfect way to reduce stress and have a quiet, peaceful time without leaving the comfort of your home. Reading makes our world big.For a child, reading books nurtures them to form their own ideas and help in brain development while when a grown-up reads they can calm their mind, instill focus and broaden their outlook with each book. Reading lets us contemplate which is essential to our lives and we must find time to read each day for our own betterment. After all, a book is a man’s best friend!
“Reading maketh a full man; writing an exact man, and conference a ready man.” Reading is an essential basic skill building activity. One’s language fluency is determined by the quality of reading. Besides, vocabulary enrichment, different types of writing styles, speaking fluency, etc, all depend upon reading. Schools, colleges, and other academic institute use reading as a major tool in imparting education to students.


Evolution of Internet and related digital technologies
With the evolution of Internet and other digital technologies – electronic gadgets ( smartphones, tablets etc) , the everyday citizen get caught by it swiftly. And our affinity towards mobile devices grew, we started to walk down a path of new discovery which attracts us by giving more information , entertainment and pleasure. Slowly but surely we started to understand these technologies as they became an inseparable part of our lives. On their part – mobile and internet technology offer advanced leaps & bounds to the world in our palms.

The down side of Technology…

Nowadays, children, youths and adults alike are inclined to use technology for getting faster , accurate information, entertainment and pleasure. The emergence of Internet has created an extraordinary change in the reading culture. Presently, because of the Internet revolution, reading sources have been transformed diversely into web sites, web pages, e-books, e-journals, instant messaging blogs and other multimedia documents. Nowadays, Internet surfing enables people to navigate a world full of interconnected information, to discover new sites, to get up-to-date information and to download things of interest. Consequently, modern people have accepted Internet browsing as their daily habit and surfing the Internet has become a kind of addiction to the new generation.

Hearing without paying attention, looking at screens while having conversations is commonplace now – we are not really ‘present’ in the present anymore.
They are thoughtlessly and uselessly wasting their precious time on Social media , Internet and networking sites. The youth of today is only and only wasting time on chatting, messaging, uploading photographs and modifying profiles. However, in the modern times, the reading activity is being ignored.

How parents can control the electronic media usage & encourage reading habit ?

Parents should ensure that the usage of Internet to search and retrieve information is limited . Otherwise , it may lead to long unwanted searches and waste of time.
Dictionary usage should be taught and encouraged at an early age to build the vocabulary of the language .
The benefits of reading habit must be stressed and reinforced from time to time. Since there are many distraction (entertainment media platforms – YouTube , display advertisements) in reading a book using an electronic media ( e-books etc) , the physical book is a good solution. The children can be encouraged to read bed time stories or at least 10 pages of a self-development book of their age.
Children should not be allowed to use social media ( Facebook,twitter) before entering the college level ( till they get the maturity to handle social contacts and networks).
They must be taught that the time spent for entertainment & pleasure using them is not productive and it is ineffective as it does not increase our intelligence.
After finishing the academic activities , Children may be allowed to play with the smartphones for a limited period , under their supervision ( by using password control).
Parents must formulate a strategy either to curb or completely stop its fast growing negative influence on the minds of our youth.

Summing up…..
Forms of readership had changed and not the habit. Digital books on the internet were popular and saved not only time, money but also environment. Conventional libraries may have gone out of fashion but the internet based reading material continued to be popular with the younger set. We must not allow the wonderfully beneficial activity of reading being killed by Internet , social media and other networking sites. We must preserve it at any cost!