Is Branding a recent phenomenon?

Let’s get to our journey by knowing – what is brand? The notion behind brand and branding? What purpose does it accomplish?

Branding is the utmost central task for marketers and corporations, as it’s vital for continued existence. Corporates term brand as a “lens through which the consumer assesses their products and an image of a firm”. Brand associations epitomize the attribute of goods and services in the cognizance of customers. Numerous analyses confirm that brands are not anew created model. It’s historic.

If truth be told, branding has survived for ages and can be sketched to the time of Harrapan civilization. We all know language was developed for two things during that days- First, for religious communication and second, for business trade and practices (Barter system). In the trade and practices, people use to keep record by sketching symbols or signs or any icons. Many historians named it “an early brand”. They are also called “Proto-Brand”.

In 2000 BC, Indus valley civilization was rising. They used seals and it was used as brand to differentiate the culture. The seals were used in trading by merchants. The seals were attached with goods before dispatching. The Greek market revolution round the 6th century BCE, has led an entrepreneurial culture. There the pottery industries give a visual of artistic designs and branding, which potters used in arts. It gives an image of value and power of Greece culture. What is brand? Brand is a name, sign, symbols, picture, etc. which helps in identifying the goods and services provided by different sellers. Any product become a brand when some dimensions are added to it to differentiate the product in some way from other similar products. The dimensions can be rational, functional, tangible, emotional, symbolic or, intangible. Anything can become a brand – A service (Life Insurance Corporation), A product (Samsung, Dell, Apple), A store (Big Bazaar, Shoppers stop). Brand has an attribute which help in maintaining- high quality level, associated feelings, is worth the price it commands, evoke the feeling of confidence and pride amongst the users.