Quarantine period

With the on-going global pandemic, people have become stuck in their homes. Many people are not able to go to work and are finding it hard to deal with the financial loss. This quarantine has also taken a toll on many people’s mental health. Honestly, I was scared when I realized that I will have to stay in my home and this might become the new normal for a long time. But this time made me learn a lot of lessons.

I learned to be more grateful towards even the littlest moments of my life. I used to obsess over a lot of materialistic stuff but I have realized that there is so much more to be grateful for.

I started spending more time with my family which not only strengthened our family bond but also created a healthy atmosphere where we can talk and have fun. We are so used to being attached to our screens that we often forget that we need to actually learn to socialize without the use of it. Sitting with my family has made me open up more and have also considerably decreased the amount of time I spent using social media.


I get a lot of time to reconnect with myself. This makes me more self-aware and I am able to point out my strengths as well as weaknesses. I have started enjoying my quite time.


I have tried to make use of this period to do something productive and tried to develop new skills, painting has been a recent hobby of mine. There are many more activities that people can do indoors and still make it fun. People can switch to dance, indoor workout, cooking, learning languages, reading books and catching up on the shows that they previously missed because of their busy schedules.

Reconnecting with old friends

Since it’s not possible to meet friends, gadgets come in handy. Face-timing your friends or even calling them up can also be a good use of one’s time.

Rest and Relaxation

As much as it is good to use your time to do something productive, rest and letting yourself relax is equally important. We work in our lives almost every day to meet the needs. This free time should not be another stress trigger for you. One should not feel overburdened with work. Take some time for yourself and grow at your own place.

Hopefully, everyone finds a way to deal with this quarantine period and come out as a better person at the end of it.