Turning unhappiness into happiness

People struggle to find happiness in life. They usually search for happiness in the outside world and thus causing major unhappiness. However it is worth noting that real happiness is internal.

Reason that cause unhappiness

• Lack of self-confidence in yourself: Happiness comes with self confidence. Unless an individual is confident of their own self, they cannot be in a happy place. People usually lack the ability to believe in themselves and what they can do. Unless an individual has the courage and confidence to quit the job or relationship that they are not satisfied with, they can never be happy in true sense. Though it is not true for everyone, but majority of the people’s happiness is hindered by their inability to say “I can do it”.

• Focusing on negativity: We have a natural tendency to lean more towards negativity. We focus more on the worst possible outcomes of a situation, than thinking about the best. We tend to be over critical about ourselves. We tend to focus more on your negative traits, rather than focusing on the positivity within us. All this negative thinking weakens our self esteem, thus leading to long term unhappiness.

• Inability to cut off toxic people: Toxicity of an individual can show in their actions or words. If the action and words of someone hurt you physically or psychologically and thus hindering you from attaining your happiness, at the same time make you think negatively of yourself, then chances are you are dealing with individuals who are toxic for you. Cutting off such people from life is of utmost importance, or else your happiness would never be achieved.

Approach towards happiness

Though there is no rules or guide to be happy, but certain tips and approaches can help you be more happier in life .

• Self Acceptance: The key to happiness is acceptance. We usually crib about the things or traits that we do not possess, rather than accepting it. Though we might not be in our best versions, but we do have to accept our current state. Unless we accept ourselves, we cannot be happy in the truest sense. Unless we acknowledge what we do not have, we cannot work towards achieving it and will never be happy.

• Practice Gratitude: Happiness is usually related to how meaningful we think our life is. It is extremely important to generate genuine meaning and appreciation each day. We usually take people, things and opportunities for granted. Appreciation of good things in life is a way to achieving happiness. Take out a few minutes each day and pen down the things you are blessed to have. Practicing gratitude gives you a happiness from within and helps you to be sane.

• Pamper yourself: Cater to your needs the way you cater to others. Taking out time for a nice massage, hot bath or beauty session at a local salon every ones in a while is important. Pampering yourself every now and then is important for being happy.

• Calm your mind: Though it is quite difficult to calm your mind in this hectic schedule, but it is very important. Meditation is a good way to calm the mind and connect to your inner self and discover it’s desires. Taking out time to practice meditation regularly is highly recommended.

• Show love: One of the most positive emotion is love. Doing small acts of kindness without expecting anything in return, making someone smile, forgiving are some acts that foster positivity. By creating positive atmosphere around you, you create happy momentum for yourself too.

• Surrounding yourself with uplifting people: Surrounding yourself with a good social support network always helps. Being around people who see and inspire the best in you does help your well-being. Optimistic, like minded and supportive social circle are key for a happy and contented life.