Chromo Therapy

All of us are enchanted by colours. None of us can discount how a bright colourful painting or a vibrant coloured room has uplifted our mood at some point or the other. Just try to recall how mesmerized you were to see a beautiful flower bloom or the sudden bliss you felt on seeing a pretty butterfly in your garden. The one thing which is common between the flowers and butterflies is that both are colourful.
Colours are all around us. Whether or not we pay attention to it, but colours have a profound impact on us. Colours can have a major impact on our physical and mental health. Different colours have different affect and understanding that can help to deal with various mental and physical conditions.

What is chromo therapy or colour therapy?
Colour Therapy is an idea which believes that, the colour one is surrounded by has direct impact on their physical as well as mental health. Different colours have different impact on the person. According to the colour theory, every colour hue ranging from white to black has different affects on how an individual thinks, behaves and interacts with the world around them.
Researches has showed that different colours have different healing power. This is the major reason why we usually find a pattern of colours in hospitals and health care centres. White and green are used in common ward because of their calming effect, whereas children ward has bright colours to give them a moral boast.
Colour Therapy is also known as chromo therapy. It is the use of different shades and hues to affect the wellbeing. Since each colour has unique light and wavelength, colour therapy principal uses the energy of each shade to improve your mental and physical wellbeing.

Common colours and impact
• White is a colour which is mostly associated with purity and clarity. This colour helps the body by purifying it and the mind by providing it much needed clarity.
• Red: The colour red stands for passion. Red helps strengthen, stimulates and adds passion to your work. Adding red in your outfit can improve your confidence level on a daily basis.
• Yellow: Surrounding yourself with the colour yellow can help you boast your inner power, positive and level of happiness. For physical health, the colour yellow has positive impacts on nervous and digestive system.
• Blue: Blue is a colour which has a great impact on physical and mental wellbeing. It is a colour which is associated with intelligence, trust and ability to find tranquillity in life. Blue also helps people who suffer from hiccups, sores and even asthma.
• Green: The colour we usually associate with nature, green is highly effective to restore a sense of balance, harmony, security and safety. It helps in reducing our anxiety level and at the same time has positive effect on heart health.
• Orange: The colour orange is extremely helpful in boasting confidence and energy. It is a colour that encourages. It helps to improve the condition of your liver. It also has antidepressant qualities. It also help in pumping up our creativity level.
• Purple: Purple can give a sense of power, increase peace of mind and strengthen spirituality. This colour is also related to relaxation and creativity.
Every colour has a great impact on your lives and we need to incorporate each effectively.