How To Create Your “Social Bubble” And Interact Safely Amid The Pandemic!

Social Bubbles offer an opportunity to socialize in close proximity with a small group of people. Keeping your social bubble to 10 or fewer can help reduce exposure to Covid -19 outdoor activities are a great way to with your social bubble. Summer time screams spending time with family and friends at celebrations inside and out. But with the pandemic still underway, the more people we interact with at a gathering and the longer that interaction lasts, the higher the potential risk of getting Covid -19.

We can still get our social fix, though. One way people are safely interacting with others is by embracing social bubbles or social pods.
In order to make your play pod as safe as possible, it’s important that you put some boundaries in place. First, the more people who are in your pod, the greater your Covid exposure risk. Ideally, keep your overall pod size to 10 people or fewer. Keep your circle small if you or anyone in your family is at an increased risk for Covid -19 due to age, asthma, it other medical conditions. Once your social bubble is established and you’re ready to interact, the following ideas can help bring some fun to your pod amid these stressful times.

Embrace Your Backyard
Stepping out can increase the risk of getting Covid -19, use the backyard of your house as an escape.
The beauty of a social pod or bubble — at least one where everybody follows the rules — is that when you spend time together (as long as you’re away from other people) you can interact pretty freely. Meetups where you’re all contained to one person’s home, backyard, or stoop are fair game.

Catching A Movie
Due to the pandemic, outdoor movie theatres are shut to curb the spread. Catching up for a movie indoors along your social bubble will help reduce the risk of getting Covid -19.

Look for Look Out Points
It’s hard for kids to stay at home idly. Plan games indoors, arrange dinner at the terrace, to get them moving and having fun.

Interacting with others by embracing social bubbles is one way you can get your social fix more safely by avoiding any physical contact.