Is it too late to recognize our true heroes?

While the entire nation is under the dark cloud of the coronavirus pandemic; hotels, restaurants, travel, malls, theaters, movie shootings, and even religious places are closed; healthcare professionals at all levels have been working tirelessly and worked with a redoubled commitment to stem the spread of the virus. Leaving family and loved ones behind, for the fear of infecting them, the brave warriors are waging a tiresome war. Health workers are leaving no stones unturned in leading the battle against an invisible enemy, despite difficulties, their commitment towards humanity never wavers.

Everyone during the pandemic is hailing doctors and other health care workers as heroes, people are clapping in their balconies, the air force did a petal shower to thank the HCWs but why it took a pandemic for us to realize that Doctors and not the movie stars or cricketers or any other group we hail as heroes are our true heroes. This pandemic is the time when every other religious place is it of any religion is shut down and the only one to save us from a deadly virus if we get infected are the doctors. We are waiting anxiously for a vaccine and are putting our hopes in the scientists to find one. All our hopes are now on doctors and scientists so that we can get out of this pandemic hearty and healthy.

Photo by Miguel Á. Padriñán from Pexels

India’s total healthcare spending (out-of-pocket and public), at 3.6% of GDP, as per OECD, which by the way is way less than many other developing countries and we spend even less amount on research and development. The total per capita government spending on healthcare has nearly doubled from ₹1,008 per person in the 2015 financial year to ₹1,944 in the financial year 2020 but is still low. The Covid-19 pandemic crisis is a reminder of the importance of investing in the healthcare sector in any country. It really is time that we start sorting out our priorities and more than that we as individuals need to recognize our true heroes. But all this rant is worthless because today we as a nation as taking pride in saying that doctors and health care workers are our true heroes and I am sure as hell that as soon as this pandemic is over the routine misbehavior with the doctors, calling them out for earning good, blame-game will start again as usual and our heroes would again be actors making senseless movies and cricketers winning matches.

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