The Power of being mindfulness

Recently , mindfulness has evolved as a way of treating children and adolescents with conditions ranging from ADHD to anxiety, depression , stress etc. And the benefits are proving to be enormous. It can be used at home and in school and the role mindfulness can play is significant .
Mindfulness can be defined simply as “paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment and non-judgmentally.” To explain that in a more elaborate manner , mindfulness is a meditation practice that starts with paying attention to breathing in order to focus on the here and now—not what might have been or what you’re worried could be. The ultimate goal is to keep you a little bit away from disturbing thoughts and emotions to be able to observe them without immediately responding to them.

Benefits of using Mindfulness….
They were less emotionally reactive and more able to handle daily challenges and choose their behavior. Stress reduction and self-acceptance are two of the major elements of mindfulness and are particularly important during the drama and turmoil-filled teen years. “Regulating the emotions, learning how to calm one’s mind— are the invaluable skills.”
The children of this generation are almost restless and it is difficult for teachers to hold their attention for a reasonable amount of time. They get distracted easily and are unmanageable and out of control. But with mindfulness , the students behavior get regulated and they focus more on learning activities in the classroom.Being socially responsible , we feel that there is a need for some positive changes in the society and the Education system . In this current scenario ,Mindfulness is meaningful to almost everybody.
Learning to control their focus : The children learn how to calm themselves and get to a place where their mind is settled and that is of course a great tool to have. The children who seemed to worry about everything and have trouble focusing on the moment. The mindfulness brings them back into the present moment so they can learn.
The kids feel that they can actually calm themselves even just through breathing. The ultimate goal is self-awareness and self-regulation. They are learning self-awareness and then making choices based on that self-awareness.
Creating calmness in the classroom : Both the terms Yoga and Meditation are closely associated with mindfulness. It creates a calmness in those classes. Students learn how to self-regulate their behaviors and are avoiding conflict, avoiding situations that might get them into trouble.Kids who have the most difficulty with self-control are the ones who most benefit from a mindfulness-based program.
Helping kids manage stress : Mindfulness is enormously helpful to children and adolescents for dealing with the everyday difficulties of today’s highly stressful school age kids-life.A mindfulness-based social and emotional learning curriculum help kids gain tools for stress management at an early age that would transfer into teenage years and adulthood. The hope is to help kids manage their own stress as they turn into grownups.
The concept of mindfulness can be extended to Parenting as well.
Mindful Parenting
The Mindfulness techniques can be used to take stress and anxiety out of raising kids by giving a better perspective and some strategies to implement. If there is not enough downtime , the situation can become worse.The guided mediation , body scan, and breathing exercises can help them slowing things down, stepping back and observing their own reactions to effectively restructure the family’s morning routine.Slowing life down in general seems to be a common theme . When parents become stressed ,that stress becomes contagious and children come to know about their parents temperament. Parents often forget what their children need in their busy lifestyle. To take a breath and listen to what their children are trying to tell them with their behavior.Mindful mornings may be less efficient, but they’re more pleasurable.
Parents are able to make peace with their imperfections and begin to regulate their emotional state, so that they can be calmer and more present for their kids and cultivate some self-compassion.It can be proven that taking a deep breath and staying calm when your children are pushing you to the edge actually causes positive changes in the brain.
Making home a safe environment
Your calm response helps kids calm down and make them trust that their parents are in control . And, this is a safe environment. And they feel more secure . So that’s another benefit of parents practicing it on their own.
Mindfulness involves paying close attention to whatever you are doing in the present moment—breathing, eating, feeling your feet on the ground and smelling the air if you’re outside taking a walk. It can be achieved through meditation and it can be achieved by paying close attention to daily activities .Meditation is the best way to get there.The whole point of mindfulness is not to do away with particular thoughts, including negative ones, but to develop a different, non-judgmental relationship to them—to understand that they are feelings but they are not you.
It means that they then have choices about how they want to engage with or react to that thought and that’s very powerful clinically because they actually feel that they have control. It really has incredible benefits in terms of their happiness, their ability to get a better night’s sleep etc.And that is the ultimate goal of mindfulness. It provides you with a psychological and emotional buffer where previously there was none.Mindfulness teaches you how to respond wisely instead of reacting blindly. That is a super power.
The final words….
Mindfulness seems to be closely associated with Emotional intelligence, Yoga ,Breathing exercises and Meditation .The combinatoric therapy is supposed to work well for children with behavioral issues .Of course, Parents too can benefit from it by regular practice. The ultimate goal is self-awareness and self-regulation. Mindfulness teaches you how to respond wisely instead of reacting blindly. That is a super power.

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