Hospice Telephone support

Hospice care is the care designed to give to people who are suffering from a terminal illness and are in the last phase of it. The aim of this support center is not to provide cure for the illness, rather to supply emotional and psychological support that the patients may need during the difficult phase to prevent the feelings of isolation and loneliness. A team of skilled professionals is made available to provide counselling to the people. This team includes occupational therapists, nurses and therapy assistants.

The setting up of a helpline number is a confidential and safe space for people to lay down their grievances and seek support for it.

The main objectives of this helpline are to improve the quality of lives of the grieving and their family members as well as providing support to the professionals responsible for the care.

This stands for a social responsibility and adds public value. Palliative care and hospice team identify and try to treat distress causing symptoms that may increase medical complications in future. It is also required that they remain in contact of the family members of the patients and design appropriate and realistic goals.

In this sector, human resource plays crucial role i.e., the care givers. It will depend on how efficient these people are and how the overall service proves beneficial. It is important to set up an office, or any infrastructural site which can house a large number of employees. These employees should be made equipped with appropriate and fast communication systems. Moreover, the public should be made aware of the fact that there is a service which may benefit them.

This can be initiated through a connection or a collaboration with any hospital or health care centers. It will also help in cases where any professional expertise may be required.

The base work mainly comprises of data of the patients in need of such care, their information, registration forms and consent forms. Getting patients registered with this facility can be mediated by a practitioner indulged in similar kind of service.

Moreover, the nurses or the care-givers should be trained well to deal with such situations. Providing counselling can be difficult over telephone since lack of physical clues may make it hard for both the parties involved to understand the situation. A report of the patient’s situation should also be provided to the care giver member of the family.

The hospice telephone helpline can be a benefit and turn out to be profitable if there is a proper dialogue maintained between the authorities or the managers, the task force, the patients and their families. By starting this initiative, wishes of the terminally ill people can be granted. They can get to spend their remaining time with their families and using this facility will also help the family care givers to better understand the grievances of the patient and help them through it.

In the end, the core motive behind this support facility is to take up social responsibility and make an effort to add a little more to people’s lives.