Tour To Jharkhand

The Jharkhand state has a rich cultural heritage and endowed with bio-diversity and moderate climate. If you are willing to visit a new place then Jharkhand could be one of them. We all are aware; tourism is an important industry for any country or state for revenue generation. Jharkhand is one of the states of India which have taken new initiatives and innovative measures such as rural tourism, adventure tourism, heritage tourism, etc.

So, today let’s see some of the best places to visit in Jharkhand.

Johna Waterfall: It is located in the hilly and forested areas 40 km away from the main city Ranchi. Water falling from the height of 40m makes the place thrilling.

Johna Fall

Hirni Waterfall: It is situated at a distance of 70 km from the Birsa Munda Airport. Here the scenery is breathtaking, waterfalls from the height of 120 m.

Hirni Fall

Hundru Waterfall: The waterfall is situated 45 km away from the main city, where the river Suvarnrekha falls from a height of 320 ft. Shootings of many films are done at this place, most of the time you will meet celebrities shooting.

Hundru Fall

Panchdhara Waterfall: Captivating landscape, having five waterfalls in a row. If you are in Ranchi and you have not visited the place then it’s a big mistake.

Pangura Waterfall: It is situated in a dense forest of Pangura village. Here the river forms two waterfalls. Water falling from 250 feet height is enchanting.

Sun temple: It is situated near Tamara valley. 50 km away from the main city Ranchi. Covered in a highly dense forest full of hilly ranges in Pradhan Nagar. The whole temple is made of white marble and is historical from the time of Lord Ram.

Parasnath: Parasnath 1365-meter-high is the highest mountain in Jharkhand. This place is mostly famous among Jain and is called “Sammed Shikhar”.