Rise of BTS in India

If PSY’s viral hit Gangnam Style is the extent of your knowledge of Korean pop music, chances are you’re completely unfamiliar with the entire Korean wave. The Korean wave, also known as ‘Hallyu’, includes the domination of Korean skincare products in the cosmetics market, the spread of Korean dramas on Netflix, and finally – the surge of K-pop in the global music industry. K-pop has been a major phenomenon in most East Asian countries for decades now but how did it manage to break through the almost impenetrable Southeast Asian(especially India) and Western music market?

Among all the K-pop bands BTS(Bangtan sonyeondan) became more famous all over the world. The younger generation in India especially girls seems interested in their vocals, dancing talent, how they dress up, etc. BTS won ‘The Top Social Artist’ Award twice at the Billboard Music Awards, right after they released a replacement album called ‘Love Yourself: Tear’, surprisingly India showed high voting rates statistically for the award. Since their legions of fans, known most easily as A.R.M.Y. (‘Adorable Representative M.C. for Youth’), propelled them to snatch Best Social Act from under the nose of Justin Bieber at the Billboard Awards in May.

K-pop group BTS

The seven members of South Korean group BTS – rappers Rap Monster, J-Hope, and Suga; vocalists Jimin, Jin, Jungkook, and V – have been covered slavishly by publications from Vogue to Allure, Forbes to People, making them easily the foremost prominent Korean act within the west and cracked into the Billboard Top 10. With these achievements at hand, the Indian ‘A.R.M.Y’ is closely following the success of BTS and cheering them on.

The craze and love for BTS and K-pop are rising and rising among the Indian youth, the Korean Culture Centre of India located in New Delhi regularly houses such self-organized gatherings, to share their love for BTS. The Indian team from Mizoram won a prize at the K-Pop’s Changwon World Festival last year.

Indian fans of BTS in mid-2019 got #BTSTourInIndia trending on twitter in less than 20 minutes and it ended up being on the trending list for 24 hours. This was done to grab the attention of BTS’s management and letting them know of the rising popularity of BTS in India, several petitions were signed and but unfortunately, BTS hasn’t toured India yet but Indian A.R.M.Y is still hopeful that their beloved BTS boys will tour and perform in India soon.

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