Electric Fire Alarm

The Fire Alarm system is designed to alert us to an the emergency then that we can take action to protect like ourselves. Fire Alarm are found in the offices, Factories, and the public, building, They are to our everyday routine but are often overlook until is an a emergency at which point, they might just our lives.

Whatever the method are of the detection is, it the alarm is triggered, sounders will operate to warn people in the building that they are make be are fire and to evacuated. The fire alarm system may be also the incorporate a remote a single system which is could be then alert the fire brigade via a center station.

Fire detection system? In this article, we will have at a look the structure and the type of the” Fire Alarm system”. The brain is a fire detector system is the fire alarm control panel. It is the central hub all of the unit can be set up to simulate an alarm for use to be routine and fire evacuated drills, all the staff knows what was to take this event of a real fire.

DIFFERENT TYPES OF FIRE ALARM DETECTOR: At the core of a alarm system the device, from sophisticated smoke detectors to simple manually operate break glass unit. there are a wide array of different types, but we are divide them into include.

At core fire alarm system are the detection devices, from sophisticated intelligent smoke detectors to smile manually operate break glass units, as a wide array to different types, we can divide them into group include. Head Detectors. Smoke Detectors. Carbon Monoxide detectors. Multi- sensor detectors.


Contemporary fire alarm system use automatic functions to detect the occurrence of that they may result in a fire. They receive a single from the fire sensor and automatically transmit it to fore the alarm panel.

In the wireless system, the detector to the control panel is with radio frequency. Heat detector usually have build in the sense of heat. Carbon monoxide detectors use integrated chemical, opto- chemical or biochemical cells to trace the gas. Smoke detector use photo electrical or ionization to detect smoke or combustion particles. Combination detector use a mechanisms.

The fire alarm panel activities the flashers the sonders, turns on sprinklers or makes a call to authorities to the occupants. If the alarm is adressable, the occurrence will be on the control panel.