Barriers to education

Each and every individual of the world is entitled to education yet there are many children who can’t access this basic amenity. This is mainly caused due to financial and economic issues. If the accessibility can be improved, a huge global impact can be created.

The most common cause for missing out on educational opportunities is poverty. People from economically backward backgrounds find it hard to get a proper education. Many remote villages don’t even have the facility of schools. This is mainly due to lack of funding. Even if there are schools established, some children have to walk to school for as much as three hours, which is very inconvenient. Most of their time is spent travelling on foot which is just tiring. Another issue that comes up is the availability of teachers and professors, either there are no teachers or they are untrained.

After establishing a school and even hiring professionals for teaching, there are lack of resources. Students aren’t provided with learning materials and often have to end up working out with outdated text-books. Some children suffering with certain abilities are denied access. There are not enough institutions that are ready to accommodate them. This makes them feel left out and ultimately, they are not able to complete their education.

Some minorities may also be deprived of education. Bias on the basis of gender can also be one of the barriers to education. Due to poverty, only a selected few can afford to go to school and generally, parents may prefer that their boys go to school rather than girls. Incidents of natural disasters also put a halt on education for many as it leads to a lot of destruction and brings about economic crisis.

Many children end up being the targets of many of the reasons above, having no fault of their own. Certain organizations and volunteer groups are trying hard to make education accessible to all. Through donations and local funding, the situation is progressing towards betterment and hopefully, with the collective efforts of all, the goal will be finally achieved.