COVID -19 PANDEMIC (an opportunity!!!!…..)


As we are seeing the current scenario in which the covid -19 has made a very big impact either it is on business/industry or lives everyone and everything has affected by it, not a single person is there who has not yet get disturbed in this pandemic.

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected over 150 countries, and has disrupted international trade, its economies as well as the lives of its citizens. The governments have been quick to respond to deal with this unprecedented crisis by. Closing down its borders, imposing nationwide lock downs, ramping up testing and healthcare infrastructure and announcing fiscal stimulus/relief packages which are of unimaginable proportions. The response from the Indian Government was no different. India is under a strict nation-wide lock down for more than 70 days, followed by a relief package to the tune of 10 per cent of the country’s GDP, that is, Rs 20 lakh crore to kick start economic activity.

As we have heard that that a pandemic occurs once in 100 years and we are the generation who have faced it and also fighting with this.

Our frontiers fighters are our doctors and nurses in this pandemic …..This pandemic has changed everything …like every religious place was closed and still on today’s date some of the religious places are close because of physical distancing… In this whole process have you noticed one thing? I tell you… every one is saying that DOCTORS ARE THE REAL GOD in current ongoing situation….everyone is believing that THE HEALTH IS THE BIGGEST WEALTH……

Now the question is this pandemic is a tragedy or an opportunity!!!! so for this discussion let’s look forward….

 In this pandemic if someone got huge loss in his business then the owner can start with a new vision as we see that during lock down when there was not working like regular basis then everyone had time to think that,

Where they stand,  

Where they have come,

What they have achieved,  

What they really want,

What literally matters to them….

This pandemic has changed-

The view of thinking,

The view of observing the things,

The view of understanding,

The view of looking towards the things….

But if we see that EVERY ENDING HAS A NEW BEGINNING….. As our honorable prime minister   Mr. Narendra Modi said in his speech that we should make an ATAMNIRBHAR BHARAT.

If we don’t have opportunity then we have to create them by our own;

There are various fields where we can start a new venture; some of them are as follows –

  • STARTUPS-  We are seeing that happen across the ecosystem—many start-ups have created Covid-related products by innovating for the emerging needs: ventilators, sanitizers ,PPEs, etc. They have become front runners in the fight against Covid-19 and are also in the race to grab market share, and also there are a lot of opportunities which just require a creative mind for starting a business.
  • TECHNOLOGY- The lock down and social distancing have shown that technology not only saved the day for many businesses during the Covid tunnel, it is also the driver of the future. The world has not only gone digital and virtual, it is fast enabling the new world. Tech has now become completely horizontal: It is enabling innovation across all sectors, be it manufacturing, textiles, agriculture, healthcare, retail, fashion, water or clean energy. And India, with its huge tech talent, is extremely well placed to grab the leadership spot and build not world-class products, but state-of-the-products of top quality, and at competitive prices. This is atmanirbhar at its best. And this positions ‘Made in India’ products extremely well for global markets.
  • MSMEs- The Government e-Marketplace (GeM) has already been set up to boost MSMEs’ share in government procurement of goods and services. The MSMEs have benefited with orders worth Rs 20,000 crore since the inception of GeM. Along with the PM’s call for ‘self-reliant India’, the current face-off between Indian and China has led to an increased demand for locally manufactured goods, unleashing new opportunities for Indian MSMEs. We believe MSME businesses which are willing to re imagine their businesses and evolve with the changing times will be poised to leapfrog on the back of this unique opportunity.

 MSMEs can also foster product as well as process innovations by partnering with knowledge partners, that is, academic institutions, tech startups, and students.

Technology adoption is another factor that can help MSMEs to improve process efficiency, reduce cost, information visibility, and enhance worker safety. With the advent of cloud and cloud-based technologies, they can easily create elastic and flexible IT infrastructure compared to its large enterprise counterparts to support digitization.

  • CYBER SECURITY- A recent study reveals that 86 percent of CIOs consider security to be their #1 priority. With ‘remote working’ becoming the norm post-COVID, company data is even more at risk. With people relying more on personal or less secure Wi-Fi networks, the threat levels have increased. As cyber security becomes more critical, we will see a much greater demand for security architects and ethical hackers.
  • DIGITAL MARKETING- With more people consuming information online, digital marketing has become a lifeline for CMOs as they seek to reduce marketing spends, drive greater ROI from their marketing dollars, and follow their customers online. In turn, this will result in greater demand for PPC practitioners, digital brand managers, content & SEO experts, CRM, and email marketing specialists.
  • DATA ANALYST- In today’s scenario data is the very important part of everyone’s life either it is of a student, employee, company, government. As we know that every country wants to provide best service to its customers for this they have to know about the customer’ priorities, choices…. for collecting this data and to manage this data and providing it when need data analysts play a vital role.

Therefore, if we see, we find that we got a chance to REBUILD, REFORM….. We should see positive side of everything… Start with something new, if it is small in starting then it is ok because if we want to reach on the top then we have to take up stairs and go step by step through it and if we skip any step then we can fell down..…there is no lift in hard work…so KEEP DREAMING, KEEP WORKING AND KEEP SHINING……..