Terrorism and Business

The first is to make terrorist less devastating and attractive to terrorist decentralization. And the second one which is raise to the opportunity cost and rather than material cost. For terrorist. These alternative strategies will effectively dissuade potential terrorists. It is here argued that not only apply to society as a whole but can also the usefully be applied by the enterprises.

The politics are the always has been the committed to fighting terrorism by using the best dissuaded from attacking through the treat of heavy sanctions and by using police and military forces to the fight them the reaction terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 is a striking example. The American president, changes a War against terrorism, this war has a widely supported by a great many democratic as well as authoritarian countries. This war terrorism is a completely based on the deterrence, Actual and prospective terrorist must be annihilated by killing them without any further and must at least captured , held prisoner, put trial and sentenced to long or indefinite of time, It is expected that such treatment impose such high cost of prospective terrorist that no individual will engage in terrorist future.

History, as well as recent experience suggest, however, that using deterrence in dealing with terrorist is ineffective and may even be counterproductive. The number of terrorist with ineffective counterproductive. The terrorist may increase, rather than decrease. A policy based deterrence have a second disadvantages. It civil and human right in the countries engaged in fighting. Deterrence policy tends to undetermined exactly those value it to protect. Even if deterrence were effective the world may end up significantly less if than before was engaged in the against terrorism.

DECENTRALIZATION – A system with many different center is more stable due to its diversity, enabling any one part to part to sustainable for the form other. When one part of system, enabling any one part to suitable to other. A country that is the negatively affected, one or several part may be take over. A country that is the target of terrorist attack can reduce vulnerability by implementing from of the decentralization.

THE POLICY – The government is undertaking of the benefits are difficult to pinpoint and even more difficulty to measure, particularly because of possible indirect and long term effectsii. A basic problems is identify how much worse off individual would have been the if a deterrence policy had not been adopted. construction such a counterfactual situation is a tricky especially as long term as and macroeconomics as well as macro effect have to be taken into account.