Value of Discipline in life

Imagine being in a society where there is no discipline, just think for a mere second, what would happen to this world if there is no discipline. The only word that comes up instantly is disaster. If there is no discipline among the people of a society then there is just chaos. Discipline bridges the gap between our aims and achievements. In every sphere of life this is a very essential factor. To quote Roy Smith, discipline is the refining power which transforms talent into ability. If soldiers disobey the orders of higher officials and perform their duties as they like, then terrorists can easily enter our country and ruin everything. In the same way disciplined soldiers are more efficient to work. In a battle fought between the Englishmen and Frenchmen, the English won the battle even though the French had a bigger army, this was because of their discipline and morale. Imagine that you are a pedestrian, and the drivers on the road are not following the traffic rules, scary? This is what lack of discipline can do to a peaceful society. Countries like Japan and Israel have a higher economic growth compared to a lot of countries, this is because of the discipline shown by the common public. 

Advantages of being disciplined:- 

● Being disciplined will help a person focus more on their goals and day to day activities. They perform their activities in a more efficient manner. 

● Being disciplined has its own perks as well, people start respecting you as discipline commands respect. Since being disciplined takes a lot of effort, people respect your determination. 

● Being disciplined helps you finish your job smoothly and on time. You will not be distracted by anything else and will be focused on your work. 

● Being disciplined includes having a balanced life with habits like healthy food, exercise, walking and sleeping at the right time. Hence you have a better and healthy life. 

● Being disciplined helps a person have a very good self control over himself/herself, avoiding silly problems, not indulging in trivial things and having a healthy relationship with everyone around them. 

● Being disciplined will also help a person avoid unnecessary stress or tension and be happy in all their activities. 

● Being disciplined will make a person more organized, they will have a time schedule allotted for every activity, and this will help them find a lot of extra time to relax. 

● Being disciplined will also make a person value time the most, and make use of every second possible. They have better time management skills than others. 


Discipline should be omnipresent. Every small activity taking place around us happens in discipline, be it the sun rising on time or the birds chirping blissfully in the early morning or the blood flowing in our veins or the heart that beats continuously. They all happen to continuously do their work without any help or a clock. Initially we might feel it’s excruciating but with time it will always get better soon. Imagine how beautiful and happy will all of our life be if it’s disciplined. This will help all of us resist evil and enjoy life’s true fruits in a real sense.