Top 7 Web Development Trends To Watch Out In 2020

Digital revolution sets up  new trends in technology , programming languages etc. And , people are eager to know about the latest trends and to keep them in sync with it (without getting outdated) and to get ahead of  the rising competition .Some of the recent web development trends are as follows.

  • Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)
  • Chatbots
  • Web Assembly
  • Single Page Applications (SPAs)
  • Motion UI
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)
  • JavaScript and Python.

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

A progressive web application is a web app that makes use of the latest web capabilities to provide an app-like experience. Progressive web apps are being considered as the next big thing for the users of the mobile web. They are replacing native mobile Apps.A progressive web app combines the best of both web and mobile apps. You can consider it as a website that acts and feels like a mobile app. Experts define progressive web apps as responsive, connectivity-independent, safe app-like web experiences.

  • It offers an app-like experience, allowing faster loading time and improved conversion rate in comparison to native apps.
  • It costs less than the native option.
  • It allows users to continue browsing even in the absence of a network.

Significant features :

Progressive internet apps are website pages that appear like mobile applications for users. Then your individual can access them without any internet connection if they’re preloaded on the device. The feel will be got by the users of using an application as opposed to the website.The purpose of these Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) is to produce a experience that is native-like the users on all platforms. It combines the very best associated with web and native applications providing a feel that is great the users.The brand identity will probably be noticeable in a more powerful way.

The publisher shall have the complete liberties of these push notifications, and additionally they can deliver them when necessary directly to the user’s mobile. This way users will be able to also link to your website whenever they want, permitting them to re-engage with your website. This is usually extremely hard with normal websites. Users will manage to share this site content for any apps which are present on the mobiles. The sharing isn’t only confined to apps like Twitter or Facebook. Users will be able to do all these plain things with no data connection via PWAs. This is among the best reasons why you should rely on PWAs.

It is fast, can work online or with a poor internet connection, and is relatively low cost. A PWA supports interactions, allowing users to enjoy a high-end experience without ever realizing that they are still using the browser. These modern web applications load like regular web pages or websites but have a high level of functionality. They can load instantly, regardless of the network state and browser choice because they’re built with progressive enhancement, a strategy for web design that emphasizes core web page content first.It can be shared via a URL and can re-engage users with web push notifications.


Here are some of the world-known companies that have already built a PWA and leverage its benefits for their business: Alibaba , Forbes , Twitter ,Pinterest, Uber, and Flipkart . In a nutshell, PWA is a website which, however, offers functionality traditionally available to native apps (e.g. push notifications, offline access, hardware access).These companies mark the following results from PWA strategy adoption: increase in conversions and a decrease of load time.

Technology to Use

If you want to follow the latest web development trends and build a PWA, here is the list of popular technologies for this purpose: Angular , React and Polymer .


 Chatbots can give online support to the users of their website , with which it is integrated. They can address customer support requirements quite effectively and you can count on bots for 24/7 assistance. There is no need to hire a full-time online customer service representative.These programs are made to interact with people. Integrating these with your websites will assist in generating increased traffic and making the site even more attractive. Chatbots are creating a larger effect than one may expect. Users these days want quick solutions and aren’t interested to waste their time. The thing that is best as you are able to do in this situation is integrating your internet site with a chat bot. These chatbots will answer questions that customers have. They always focus on supplying better engagement of users on the website and providing them with a experience that is good. The latest AI and machine learning will additionally produce a difference that will add much more capabilities to this.

Huge B2C companies already use the technology to serve their customers – official page chatbots inside Facebook messenger , WhatsApp and Skype. A bot could also be integrated into PWA , regular website etc.A chatbot is a piece of software that processes and simulates human conversation. It allows people to interact with devices, apps or websites. A chatbot can be just a basic program that replies to a simple query or it may be a complex piece of software that can provide a high level of personalization to users.

To deliver responses to requests, chatbots make use of natural language processing (NLP), artificial intelligence and machine learning (ML). For businesses, chatbots enhance operational efficiency and save money. As many customer queries can be easily answered by chatbots, businesses require less number of customer service professionals.

We shall cover the remaining web development trends in the next article.

Summing up :

Progressive web applications provide less website loading time and works with poor or no Internet connection , if data is already pre-loaded from the site. They are like native apps but much more friendly and provide push notifications , It is cost-effective compared to the native mobile applications. Chatbots provide online support to the visitors of the website and 24/7 assistance. They use AI , machine learning and NLP and answer simpler to more complex queries instantly and engage the website visitors.

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