The Asur

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The Asur are tribal groups of India. They come from Jharkhand state and are counted as Primitive tribal groups. Belonging to the dense areas of Jharkhand like Latehar, Palamu, and Gumla districts, they have divided themselves into three sub-groups – Bir, Birjia and Agaria. Traditionally, the Asur’s were slash-burn cultivators in earlier days and have also been known for iron smelters. Now, at present, they started living in villages in a group. There is no doubt, The Forest act has changed their life completely.

What is the family structure?

It is patriarchy in structure. The inheritance rule is patriarchal, the father is the head of the nuclear family and the inheritance goes from father to elder son.

Religion- They mainly practice Sing Bonga and Marang Bonga’s religious traditions. The main festivals of this tribal group are -Sohrai, Sarhul, Kathadel, and many more. For prosperity and peace, they celebrate the festival of Sarhi Kutaisi. It is mainly celebrated by them concerning the “Iron Smelting”.

Death- During the funeral, Asur bury the dead body and the purification feast goes for ten days.

Source: Google Image