“Doctors the life savior’s”

Doctors have always been perceived as people with immense knowledge and the custodians of our health.  These health workers have left no stones unturned in leading the battle against an invisible enemy – the novel coronavirus. Leaving their lives and family behind, doctors are working round the clock to tackle every challenge during this global pandemic. Their fight is grueling, lonely and often thankless. However, despite difficulties, their commitment towards humanity never wavers.

Needless to say, doctors, nurses and people working in health-care sectors are particularly vulnerable to the highly infectious disease. In response to the global pandemic, the under-resourced doctors are facing unprecedented challenges. The list of the sleep-deprived heroes includes doctors, nurses, medical cleaners, pathologists, paramedics, ambulance drivers, and health-care administrators. In the fight against coronavirus, the brave medical army stands strong with thermometers, stethoscopes, and ventilators as their weapons. Not to forget, medical researchers are working day in and night out against all odds, hoping to find the antidote to the disease.

Since the coronavirus outbreak, health-care professionals have not only experienced the gratification of healing patients and saving their lives but have also lost many battles along the way. On top of that, many doctors have even sacrificed their own lives in the line of duty.

Every day, the selfless warriors are giving it their all in health-care settings while cutting themselves off from their families and loved ones. The sacrifice that they are making for the safety and welfare of humanity is priceless and deserves lifelong gratitude on our end. Most importantly, we must reassess the value health-care workers hold in our lives and the kind of treatment they get from us. Among the several lessons this coronavirus pandemic has been teaching us, the biggest one is to find ways to sufficiently invest in the better and more efficient medical fraternity and give medical professionals the respect, compensation and infrastructure that they truly deserve once this crisis is over.

That being said, we’d now like to highlight the heroic efforts of some courageous and inspiring doctors from across the globe who lost their lives while saving the lives of COVID-19 patients. Most of health care is far too distracted by the global pandemic of COVID-19. These are difficult times, professionally and personally. Doctors are in the thick of this pandemic, fighting from the front and performing their duties untiringly. Separated from their families—children, spouses, aging parents—indefinitely, moving into separate quarters, so they don’t bring the contagion home.

Doctor is our god who saved our lives. While the deadly virus has brought attention to the inadequacies in the health-care systems across the globe, doctors and health-care workers have been risking their lives to save all of us. They are also risking the lives of their family members, which indeed is a huge sacrifice.

Doctors are blessed with the magical powers to treat a life, to bring health into our lives and to be there with us when we lose hope. Today, at great personal risk doctors are working for our wellbeing. We can do something for our corona fighters by staying home, using of mask and sanitizers, maintain social distancing, we can support our doctors and health care workers by maintaining all these things. Moreover, the world needs to work towards advancement in medical research and technology. Nothing will be a greater tribute to the health-care workers than this.