Taste of Tribal Jharkhand

Jharkhand is a state that is growing popularity these days not only owing to budding tourism places but also people commonly relate it to mouth-watering delicacies. The cuisine is not very unalike from its neighboring states like Bihar or Kolkata It is truthfully attractive and contains a diverse cooking form which styles it wholly exceptional. People here use mustard oil as the main element in most dishes which gives it a distinctive flavor.

So, let’s taste some- 


Dhuska is one of the utmost widespread food in Jharkhand and is a part of every day. Your voyage to Jharkhand is unfinished without eating Dhuska. It is typically devoured as a breakfast item, fried deeply in mustard oil. Thee ingredients used in Dhuska are rice and urad dal. It’s served with green chutney and chole. 

Litti Chokha

One of the most important and famous cuisines of Jharkhand is Litti & Chokha. The food of Jharkhand is mostly vegetarian. Litti is the very famous dish of Jharkhand which is serving with Bangan Barta and Allo Barta.


Rugda is a species of Mushroom which is a very delicious food item. A type of mushroom which you will find only during the monsoons, often in the forest. It grows beneath the soil and only the locals of the forest will be able to find it. Although found only in the Chota Nagpur Plateau, it can be found all over the state. It can be said which no one wants to leave. If cooked well with proper ingredients you will fall in love with the dish.


A dish made of rice flour served with Oal (yams) ki Sabzi or with mutton curry is a famous dish. A dish made from a staple grain; rice, this reminds of a south Indian dish dosa but has a distinct flavor. Made in a similar way using rice flour, chana dal, and Urad dal as ingredients this Jharkhand food is a famous dinner of these people.

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