The Chero lived in the Jharkhand State of India. They are “Adivasis” and belongs to the Wotriol tribe. Many people called them “Cherus or Cher was”. In some districts of Jharkhand, they are widely recognized by name of “Bara Hazar”. In many books, I found that they called themselves Rajput and are divided into two sub-divisions – 1) Bara Hazari, 2) Barbadian. These two subgroups are endogamous, and both groups are further divided into several septs. The chero village is situated in plain areas marks the hills and dense forest.

Source: Google Image

Coming to their family structure, the Chero has a patrilocal and Patriarchal system. They have full faith in marriage and they have confidence in the sacred ritual of marriage. They usually follow the rule of monogamy. The Chero has also adopted dual worship. They worship Hindi gods and goddesses and also worship local gods and spirits. The female members of a family tattooed themselves made by malariam.