BTS Musical Expansionism

BTS (방탄소년단) The boy band crystallize their position as an international luminary of the music world. Hailing from South Korea and triumphing over the heart of millions of fans worldwide, fitting to dissimilar traditions and dialect conveyed reaction from everyone to them. Their inimitable competence and adeptness are a mammoth for voluminous admirers. We all are cognizant, how our music business work conscientiously grounded over a theory of adoration, grief, and miseries but then again, a freshly premeditated model of storytelling by K-POP star BTS, centered around communal thinking like rich vs poor, self-love or psychological fitness, etc.  dish up a neoteric genre of music on the platter.

Speaking with no holds barred, becoming the world’s biggest boy-band is a tough row to hoe for a commoner, it’s not as easy as a pie. Only a decade back, none ever prophesied that the English-speaking citizenries will endlessly appreciate the music of diverse lingo. It was furthermore implausible that the world once idolizing – “one direction” or “Jonas brothers” will step on the road to the Korean tongue miraculously.  

After 2013, of their first promotion, it’s an underestimation to still call BTS a boy band. They are all-pervading. Whatever formed BTS exceptional and one-off, from the aforementioned greatest boy bands amongst the humankind, is also what award BTS to spread to a prodigious variety of fanatics than their forerunners. Coming to their admirers, they announced themselves an “ARMY”. The ARMY enthusiasts are genuinely and enormously a universal flock, with millions of devotees enrolled from corner to corner in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. Remarkably, the World Tour charmed a massive figure of middle-aged fans in millions. At the BTS concert, it is not surprising at all for the last few years to come across a three age-band of ARMY being present.

Not long ago, an Indian BTS Fan crafted and uploaded the attention-grabbing frolic moves of BTS by altering their videos to a Bollywood song- chunnari chunnari. The video uploaded on YouTube was channel acknowledged by many and received numerous optimistic remarks and likes from supporters globally. The song voiced by Abhijeet Bhattacharya and Anuradha Sriram again reaped the publicity in newfangled glory underneath BTS charisma.

This 7-member boy band coming from South Korean culture has numerous times exceeded chronicle sales of their music in the western culture of United States of America. Astoundingly, they become the foremost Korean band to made it to the U.S. Billboard Charts more than a few times. They also achieved the U.S. Billboard Music Awards three times placing many singers in arrears and is addressed as the 2018-19 most powerful and valuable Korean celebrities by Forbes.