Is HE back?

Last night, I was watching this Korean Drama and I denied to pause till I completed the whole 16 episodes. I appreciated the storyline, it’s remarkable which I seldom encounter in Korean movies or drama. Covering the parallel universe is an icing on the cake and the joyful windup proffer contentment to the watchers. The show is marvelous and the excitement rousing in the pit of my stomach, of finding what will happen in the next episode is unbelievable.
Excellent acting of all the characters binds you emotionally with them. They are WOW! Centered on a monarchy theme, starring Lee Min Ho and Kim Ho Eun as the main character, the drama was released in April 2020 and continued till June 2020. Netflix also counted it in the list of “Hit Netflix Drama” heedless of all the condemnation the show met on domestic land (South Korea). Anyhow, the k-drama gained popularity in other parts of Asian countries comprising India.
Talking about my favorite dialogues from the show are numerous but I adored – “You are my Unbreakable Sword”.