I purple You

“If you are a true fan of BTS, then it has to be the greatest news for you”

Lugging with Goodluck of the BTS Band logo, Samsung presented S20 + BTS edition smartphone in July 2020. Embraced in beautiful features and coated in purple, Samsung touched the heart of millions of BTS fans (ARMY). “I purple you” was the colloquial speech for the first time introduced by V (Kim Taehyung) to his followers. Since then purple became the traditional color of BTS. It is simply appealing to many.
After the launch of this new edition, it turns into the most retweeted and extremely loved post of Samsung on Twitter in the entire history. This is not new; it forever crops up when there is BTS. On every single social media, ARMY started posting the news and it became viral in an hour, so there is no surprise in bowing to the statistic that a massive figure of Fans reserved the edition on first hand.