work smartly or intelligently?

To be an intelligent person is not so enough for your personality may be you are not ready to take quick actions smartly.

Being smart can focus more on the idea of being good at something by having a broader knowledge in that specific something compared to the majority. 

Being Intelligent, Many people attest that intelligence is gained through education but no, what you gain from education is cleverness as well as knowledge. Intelligence it is truly something we are born with and it can be manifested trough varies ways. I have looked to see if there are any scholars talking about this but sadly no. Intelligence is having the ability to find solutions to difficult situations quicker than other people or having different abilities that enhance the way you think.

An intelligent people can be hard working and they can devote long hours for work, but a person who work smartly they devote time according to the situation with action plan and devote less hours for the work.

Smart is an earned status. Smart can also be applied to sarcasm. We have ‘smart like’ answers, or we can be ‘smart’ when answering a question or talking in a conversation. We don’t apply intelligent to the idea of being sarcastic.

Intelligence, on the other hand, is something with which you are born. Your IQ is a measurement of your intelligence, and doesn’t change because it is a measure of your ability to learn. This can apply to terms we chronically associate with intelligence, like math, or it can apply to your ability to learn negotiation of emotional issues. In either case, it is inherent, and it simply stems from your genetic makeup.

Intelligent is used as a higher level of measured intellect. We give a higher compliment when we tell someone they are intelligent, versus when we tell them that they are smart. Intelligence is directly related to our own degree of sophisticated knowledge.

Smart is what you know AND how to benefit from what you know, Intelligence is the ability to become smart. Intelligence makes you smart and not the other way round
Perhaps, becoming smart, makes you appear more intelligent.

Smart can also be applied to describe appearance. If you are a smart dresser, or you represent yourself in a smart way, this in no way implies that you have intelligence. It means that you are appropriate for the conditions, and that you look very good. We don’t imply that you are an intelligent dresser.

Intelligence also implies a certain degree of higher education. Whether you’ve actually completed a higher education, or you have yet to do so, we refer to intelligent people as those we assume to have completed a higher level of education than high school. While there are those who are intelligent who never go to college, the implication is essential when understanding the description offered.

This is one of the big huge differences as many people affirm that we can learn to be smart but not cannot acquire intelligence through any means as it is something we are born with. That is the difference between the smart work and intelligent work. through this article we can understand the  work which is best an intelligent work or a smart work because to be educated is not enough to work smartly and intelligently both required for surviving our life’s , if you are intelligent and smart you can achieve anything in your life.