An interesting piece of History: The Abduction of Art

The entire world has been a witness to the tyranny and totalitarian nature of Kim dynasty in North Korea which prevails to this date. The insanely toxic obsession to become the most dangerous nuclear power at the cost of letting its own people die due to poverty and hunger is what makes the Kim leaders so diabolical. But did you know that Kim Jong-il, the second supreme leader of North Korea, planned and executed the abduction of a South Korean film producer and director along with his wife to fetch worldwide recognition for North Korea’s filmmaking?

Shin Sang-ok (1926-2006) is a highly celebrated South Korean film producer and director who worked prolifically to adorn the “Golden Age of South Korean Cinema” with some of the best jewels like The Evil Night (1952), A Flower in Hell (1958), Prince Yeonsan (1961) and 3 Ninjas Knuckle Up (1995) to name a few. Shin Sang-ok is often called “The Prince of South Korean Cinema” for his contribution in the 1950s and 1960s. But little did he know that his own life would become the most incredible story that none of his movies could ever tell.

In 1966, Kim Jong-il, North Korea’s future dictator, became director of the Motion Picture and Arts Division. He was a big fan of films and is known to have a dedicated library of approximately 15,000 movies at his disposal. He produced and directed films that were specifically designed to put his father, Kim Il-sung, as the ultimate messiah of the subjects of North Korea. But he was frustrated with his films in the 1970s. He felt they were lifeless and stiff as compared to the global counterparts. This was the point where it all began. The desperation to gain global appreciation in showbiz led him to kidnap South Korean actress Choi Eun-hee in 1978 from Hong Kong. According to a proposition Choi Eun-hee was in Hong Kong to direct a film. She arrived in Nampo Harbour, North Korea on 22 January 1978. She was housed in a luxurious villa and several tours were arranged for her to visit important spots of the city. Kim Jong-il took her to various movie shows, theatres, operas, and musicals for her perspective on the