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gone are those days when sellers ruled the market,and decided what a customer should buy . Sellers then focused more on their profit and never bothered about their customer satisfaction. Thankfully those days are gone and the new era of marketing has already started. the new age of marketing is way more advanced and systematic . Now customers decide, what a seller should sell and have equal power to control the market. “There is a famous saying that says” customer is the king , no doubt that in today’s scenario customers are more than king, rather they are now worshiped as God.

21st century is all about customer satisfaction. Now marketing is not just about selling the products but it is about selling the right product, to right person at right price and at right time.Today we have various marketing strategies which helps the companies and entrepreneurs to know their customer first, before developing a product or a service. They focus more on communication and consumer choices and then decide the price and the design of the product. so basically we can say that consumer are the geese who lay golden eggs everyday.

Now a whole lot of system is developed just to track the consumers needs to satisfy them. Isn’t it great that a company spends so much money just to keep their customers happy ? But that doesn’t mean the company is not making profit, well the company which takes care of their customers eventually end up having more profit. if a company has great marketing strategies and have loyal customers then it can easily grow and can also run for long term.

Apart from customer satisfaction today’s marketing is also all about going digital. Yes, so here i would be stating the importance of digital marketing in today’s era . Digital marketing has evolved a lot more in these years, with the help of this skill one can not only track their customer’s needs but, can also make money out of it. digital marketing helps the company to grow their brand and also helps the companies to understand their customers in a more easy way. In order to make a product unique digital marketing plays a crucial role.

Change in marketing concepts shows how far marketing has changed. starting from production concept to marketing concept everything has changed and have changed for good. i don’t know how the future of marketing will be but i am sure it will be more scientific , more valuable and more customer oriented.


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