Well before i start this article, let me mention to you that this is just my point of view on the current situation.So as we all know it’s a tough period that the entire world is currently facing ,it’s necessary for all of us to keep our physical and mental health stable.We all know the physical impact of the pandemic , here i’d like to mention a few psychological impacts the pandemic has on society.

Firstly, let’s talk about the lack of patience that has  been shown by the people of all the age categories.I’ve seen people being impatient on the matters which they would usually not consider even paying attention to.This is affecting the marital status of the couple ,divorce rate has been massively increasing due to the intolerant behaviour between the husband and the wife.Parents losing their minds on their own kids who are just unaware of their mistakes.Also, lets not forget how the adults have been treating their old aged parents,a feeling of parents being a  burden has risen in the mindsets of the children.

Secondly, due to the pandemic many of the employees are on the verge of losing their jobs, well that doesn’t mean they are supposed to show the frustration of their work on the family and society, it’s happening, there are many cases where violence has taken place due to the frustration of husbands or wives on their spouses.Not to forget that people are not hesitant to take  others life just for the sake of money, because they don’t have any source of income .Government has been implying many plans to provide food and shelter for ones in need but not everyone are being are part of this privilege provided by the government.

Thirdly, I would want  you to know  about the number of cases which includes self harm,suicides, depression etc. We live in a society where people take hours posting about mental health and how they are there for the ones who need them  but, cannot take 2 seconds of their life to pick up a call from a person who is suffering from the same disease they mentioned in their posts.We witnessed some of the most shocking suicides in this period of lockdown like Sushanth Singh Rajput who gave an amazing performance in movies like MS Dhoni nand Chichore.

Fourthly, I’d like to mention some of the cruel acts that took place due to the rumours spread in the quarantine.Doctors and Nurses who are treating us during this time are being harassed by few people in the society because of the the fact that they have a lot of chances of spreading the virus because they come in contact with the patients.Such rumours are spread by people from our very own society ,well they are not to be completely blamed because it’s the fear that’s being built in the mindset of every person that’s leading them to take such  steps.

I would like to conclude by saying that at the end of the day we must not forget the fact that we are humans and only we can help our fellow beings.Let’s all stand united in fighting the pandemic and stay mentally stable and not take any step that we might regret in the future.