“Importance of persistence in one’s life”

Well, everyone could answer what’s the exact meaning of persistence? it’s nothing but the continued or prolonged existence of something, or have a clearly defined goal stick to it assign yourself with a meaningful tasks to complete the goal with the given specific period of time. But, this little word has got a lot of thing to add in one’s life.

Persistence means being a leader in your own successful life, not a follower. Don’t follow trails, blaze them. Of course, that means you must know where you’re going. having persistence in any area of life can take you to greater heights but persistence without a plan is not worth it, a right planning, a good schedule, a learning mind, along with a good peer group are the factors responsible for your productivity with a good persistence.

The one step rule:

The secret to maintain persistence is to follow one step rule i.e one step at a time. If you meet an obstacle or a problem along the way, tackle it, solve it, then move on to the next. The way problems don’t become overwhelming. And, in clearing up one you may find that when you come to the next one it has already solved itself, Time solves an awful lot of problems. But, the best way to tell yourself that once is not enough, to get off the mat and come back for more, to develop the endurance you need to go to the distance on your feet, is go by that “one step a time” rule.

Persistence payoff:

Yes, practicing persistence payoff, we come across many real life inspirations where they devoted their entire life to contribute something to our society, to bring a change, many of our scientists, freedom fighters, and many more who persistently strived hard to bring about the changes in our society, and many who have made our lives easier by inventing new things and lot more. A persistence of hardwork in a student’s life can get them good academic grades, a persistence in a life of athelete can make them win olympic medals representing their country.

yet last but not least, for all the readers here remember, Ambition is the path to success, persistence is the vehicle you’re in, and Energy and persistence can conquer all things.

Thank you.

persistence is the key that unlocks potential.