Science- past and present

There is a persistent strain of thinking in the popular culture that certain human artifacts are too complex or sophisticated to have been created by ancient cultures, so they are more likely to be evidence of visits from advanced extraterrestrial beings. But the problem with this hypothesis is that it denigrates the capabilities of ancient cultures, who did build the pyramids and other impressive structures like Stonehenge with fairly simple technology. We have learned over the years how they did it, so there are no mysteries there. Carl Sagan once said, “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.” While astronomers are confident there are many habitable Earth-like worlds in the Milky Way, there is no evidence yet of life on any of them, and certainly no evidence of advanced technological civilizations. To believe that we had been visited in this way, the bar of evidence must be set high. Ambiguous evidence or vague historical records that can be interpreted in several ways are not sufficient. It would take unambiguous physical evidence to convince astronomers, evidence that could be independently inspected by many scientists, evidence that could not be explained in any other way. There might be aliens lurking around the universe or keeping an eye on us as claimed, but there are no such shreds of evidence at present to bolster this hypothesis. People in antiquated times used stars as their GPS, calendar, etc. They didn’t have technology like us, so they had to study stars and their motions in order to locate themselves, know the harvesting and sowing time. Structures like pyramids, Stonehenge, are surely great and enchanting structures, the sheer meticulous nature of the structure is a marvel, but they weren’t built in one night. As it is said, “Rome wasn’t built in a day” these structures took lots of engineering minds and lots of trials. These weren’t the first to be built, rather one in a series who stood tall. They needed a lot of improvisations to look the way they are now. Also, the pharaohs for whom the pyramids were built, were merciless who enslaved people to build such marvelous structures, because they believed that these structures would carry them to heaven. But subconsciously they only wanted recognition even after they have been long gone, what better than such a creative idea to build structures that would stand tall against everything till eternity and would become a place of a visit, with their names engraved in it. More research is certainly required for many antique structures but claiming that these were built by aliens without any proof rather on the base that science is not able to prove them being built by humans is certainly puerile. Because believing in such claims hinders the path of curiosity and science. Instead of believing any superficial answer, question everything and don’t believe in claims rather theories.