All divided

The policy of reservation has become very much biased now, but at the time is was
implemented it was good for SC/ST generation, for promotion and upliftment of their
generation, but afterward it was like it affected the general caste category so badly that people
till now create difference among themselves. We would have left the mindset of caste system
so long bhut because of these reservations that people have, if we talk little amount of
reservation that everyone think that there is some biased-ness’ prevails. When reservation
policy was implemented it was for upliftment for 10-15-year policy but now it is used as a
vote bank policy and being used to play politics so get the advantages of SC/ST and OBC
advantage. It differently was a fraudulent act by the politician and created Outrageous for
creamy layer the general category people in term of job and education sector because not all
general caste people are rich they also need to have equal opportunities in order to compete
with other people.