The documentry is all about manual scavenging, which refers to the practice of manually
cleaning, carrying, disposing or handling in any manner, human excreta from dry latrines
and sewers. The people mostly involve here are from similar caste or basically lower caste
who don’t have any income source are engaged in such activity so that they can earn their
living the serve the family. Constitution of India has banned cleaning manual scavenging
,but it has several loopholes government has mostly outsourced the work to contractors
who give minimum wages and there is lesser job security and hygiene related to work
which is most important factor. Although the government has invested crores of ruppes
for toilets and sewer cleaning but the work given to contractors are not performed well ,
workers are given gloves and masks, but the quality of those products is so bad that they
get rashes, itches and affect their skin and health . there has been many of the cases where
the people involved in such work ( sewer cleaning) are affected by severe diseases which
causes death at last and government takes not responsibility for this . These deaths if
shown on TV are termed as Accident, Slipped and Fell and some were as ridiculous as a
person’s phone fell so he jumped in. No accountability of government or contractors. It is
shown that Government has promised to provide 10 Lakhs to the family of the deceased
worker. Even this amount is not a substitute for human life. There are Dalit Communities
that take a fee or commission out of it as a form of funding the Dalit Revolution.
Government will rather spend 10 Lakhs to give the dead instead of paying for equipment
or tools to make the work less hazardarous. Documentary has 27 cases of men who died
in cleaning privates and public enterprises the report says more then 1,370 people have
died in sewer holes in last four year .
As Individuals, we should realise we are equally guilty and responsible:
 Never throw tampons, condoms and plastic in the drainage. They frequently stall
the drainage.
 Throw garbage only inside dustbin. Never in the street, septic tank or outside the
 Ensure your garbage to be thrown in dustbin is in a proper bag, doesn’t contain
glass, and human excreta.
 Do Not use the Train toilets while the train is halted in a station.
 If you come across any manual scavenger, at the very least check if he is wearing
protective gloves and other equipments.
 If the person isn’t wearing anything for safety, consider intervening and asking the
contractor. If he doesn’t comply, you may take a video and report to police.
 First and Foremost: The Government has to invest in buying machinery which can
clean ditches, septic tanks. Incase such a device is Not fully available, import them
or invest in engineers and startup to build.
 Ensure usable and quality protective gears are provided to sanitation workers.
 Provide Immunization for workers.
 Increase minimum wage of sanitation workers.
 Implementing rehabilitation schemes (law is already there) for transitioning manual
scavengers to other work.
 Implementing schemes (law is already there) for education to children of manual
scavengers to finish schools. Enable more people to get benefit of reservation and
come up