“Separation from the wife, disgrace from one’s own people, an enemy saved in battle,
service to a wicked king, poverty, and a mismanaged assembly these six kinds of evils, if
afflicting a person, burn him even without fire.”—Chanakya.
Since the Dawn of humanity war has been an integral part in the lives of people. War simply
shows the greedy nature of human beings. The hunger for power, for richness overrules
morality. People are ready to kill each other for some metaphorical gain. Earlier the
common people used to fight wars for their survival and protection against unknown
communities. As time passed there arisen a separate segment of people designated just for
war. The soldiers. These people have been named different things such as Kshatriya or
Vikings or Roman fighters. They were glorified because they could kill and die.
But why did war originate in first place? In earlier times getting resources were not that
easy so people had to move around in search of resources.
Professor Hanson says, “Ultimately, war is a question of economics, in which the options of
all states are confined by their ability to produce goods and services; thus, every armed
force calibrates the greatest military power for the least cost. Armies in the Dark Ages and
medieval era, like their classical predecessors, were not immune from such constraints, and
so learned quickly that man for man, infantry could be provided for at a tenth of the
expense of mounted troops.” Victor Davis Hanson, Carnage and Culture at p.213 (Anchor
(New York, 2001).
That caused wars but nowadays when we are capable of supplying resources to every part
of the world and still survive, we still fight wars. From necessity War has become an egoistic
game for the ruling people. the kings used to fight wars to consider themselves more
powerful and now governments fight wars for display of power. And somehow, we as a
society have accepted these things. Majority of the people today support war and feel that
their country should fight was against the countries to show that they are powerful. very
often we can see people in India speaking that we should wage a war against Pakistan.
This is because most of the people don’t have active participation in war since they don’t
have to be on ground zero, they don’t get the situations that are there on battlefield. A
soldier dies protecting people He doesn’t even know for a idea called country. Dying in war
is glorified, people dying in words are called Martyrs. But what will be there as long as there
is difference between humans as long as there are different communities as long as there
are different types of people because difference always creates conflict. With the
advancement in technology people are coming together more than ever. And the gap
between communities are slowly getting narrow down I believe they will soon come a time
when what is no longer necessary and humanity will come as a whole to solve the new
enemies of humanity that day is a day which we should look forward to.